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"Jacqueline has passed away on 09/18/2021. She was the creator and sole maintainer of Chemtrail Planet, The Unseen Among Us and Free Energy and Health which will stay up and will be maintained as long as possible."

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When did you last take a long and critical look at the sky and the substances in it? If you take the time to look closely, you will most likely notice the following:
  • strange criss-crossing flight patterns,
  • unmarked jets appearing to be racing with each other and doing other military-like maneuvers
  • increased air traffic before and after storm fronts,
  • miraculous and physics-defying "ice crystals" that go for hours without melting or falling (even on hot summer days at low altitudes)
  • the strange textures of "clouds" and other substances in the sky.
  • Frequency waves pulsing through the substances

If you take the time to take a good look at the environment that is above your head, you are likely to see a sky similar to what is in these pictures.

If you hang out a while on this site, you'll learn more about electromagnetic frequencies and aerosol spray programs from government, military, and scientific documents.

Good Close Up of Jet Spraying

(notice the start of the 'contrails')


There has been an ongoing occurrence for more than three decades that has been in plain view yet goes unnoticed by the majority of the busy, hurried, and distracted public. This is something that has existed for several decades, but was used only in small areas for testing and during wars (Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome and Operation Popeye for example). There is no denying that jets had the ability and the mechanics for this for several decades, but the global and daily practice of this is relatively new - has been occurring for almost 20 years and has been getting progressively worse. This is now something for which the government has propaganda for hiding and denying and something that is currently being proposed to be done in the future. What is this activity to which I am referring? It is called "chemtrails" and was listed by this name in HR 2977 IH as item #2 under the category of "exotic weapons systems". It is now referred to by the military as aerosol scatterings or geoengineering and by scientists as solar radiation management.

There are several purposes for this aerosol scattering (as the military calls it). One purpose is for modifying the weather which includes intensification of storms and drought inducement as outlined in the military document entitled Weather as a Force Multiplier. This is only one of many military documents on this topic. Not only are the aerosols (mostly aluminum, barium and strontium) being sprayed into our atmosphere, but electromagnetic frequencies through HAARP,radio and sound waves, Elf waves, microwaves and scalar energy which the aerosol scatterings of soft metals helps to enhance are also being used.

There are Congressional Acts that approve weather modification and patents that support it. You can find many official military and government pdf documents and links that outline weather modification, mind control and electromagnetic weaponry on the Military & Government Documentation page of this site and much more information on this page, the Chemtrail Research, Patents and Article pages of this site (tabs at top of page).


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