Keeping up the narrative isn't always easy

Questions to Ask

This one is for the robotic mainstream media brainwashed regurgitators who do not think, question or use uncommon sense. Here are realizations you apparently have not had. Questions you apparently never asked (as that would require thought rather than blind obedience to the msm and corrupt politicians).

Please Copy and Paste these Questions below any video or Post Made by Mainstream Media on Youtube and Social Networks so that the MSM Audience Can See Them. Maybe it will lead them to think.

Okay, news readers may look professional and polished after their hair and make up gets done back stage by professionals, but think of how polished you would look if you also had professional hair stylists and make up artists. It doesn't give you any more knowledge, right? When hearing one of them speak about Covid, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why is the Covid dangerous in a small business store, but not in a large box store?

2. How is it that the Covid is less dangerous in the daytime than it is at night (after curfew?)

3. If masks work, then why social distance? If social distancing works, then why mask?

4. If masks and social distancing work, then why lockdowns?

5. How can people test for a virus that was not isolated and identified?

6. If the virus had not been identified by itself, how can it be identified inside a person?

7. What happened to the regular flu?

8. Why do the officials not suggest or supply hazmat stations for masks if there really is a very contagious pandemic?

9. Why is it that only masks, social distancing, vaccines and lock downs are recommended, but not the sun, exercise, vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc and healthful foods?

10. Why does the media report that masks will still be needed after vaccines, if the vaccines worked?

11. If we have to wear masks because a virus can be spread by spit droplets, then why is a long cue tip shoved high up the nasal passage toward the brain, instead of a swab inside the cheek?

12 .How is it that a virus will become more dangerous after a certain date, thus a scheduled date to start lockdown?

13. Why are there not people dropping dead all around us?

14. How is creating loss of income, hunger and homelessness a way of "protecting" people?

15. Why is the WHO the recommended source for information when they are funded by the billionaire who wants to push injections? There can't be impartialness here.

16. Why are we listening to Bill Gates about our health when he is not a doctor?

17. Why were the Black Lives Matter Riots/Protests okay, but the lockdown protests were not? And why did the media call the lockdown protesters right wingers?

18. Why do people have to stay 6 feet apart in an airport, only to sit close to each other on a plane?

19. Why don't you see homeless people laying dead in the street?

20. Why is the media telling you that hospitals are filled to capacity when individuals and filming and proving that hospitals are empty? (This you might not know because Youtube removes such videos). If you're close to a hospital, you can drive to one to see for yourself. (I will be making a page of such videos and then link to it here).

21. Why have we not been hearing non-stop ambulances?

22. And last, but not least, why is FB and Twitter likely to remove this post or direct you to the WHO which has a vested interest in your getting the injection?

Another good thing to add under msm posts is David Rockefeller's leaked speech 1991 in which Rockefeller thanks the press for keeping their new world order plans a secret.


Below is a screen capture of above questions that you can save and post in places where comment space is limited

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