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Greta Thunberg

Media manipulationGreta is a sixteen-year old Swedish girl known for speaking to the United Nations to "fight climate change" and has won many honors and awards for her activism. Of course, being that she is pushing for the very thing the elitists have been manipulating for all along, she has gotten massive coverage by the mainstream media which is owned by the same elitists wanting a one world government as can be seen by viewing this chart which shows that the media is controlled by members of the CFR and Bilderberg Group.

Finding any alternative information about her or the situation around her (i.e., climate change, her funding, how she got so big so fast, etc.) has become increasingly difficult as a Youtube search on Greta brings up pages and pages of mainstream media news clips exalting her while alternative news sources covering her are hidden. The same is true with a google search.

When someone or something gets massive media coverage AND anyone who questions it is called a troll, bully or a conspiracy theorist, red flags should go up. When the mouth pieces (msm) for the CFR, Bilderberg Group and the government try to stop questions from being asked AND hides alternative information, more questions should be asked. Also, would Greta have won so many awards (which apparently gives her words more credence) if she didn't get so much coverage by the mainstream CFR one-world-government-aiding media?

What some might not know about Greta is that she is an actress who even has an IMDb page showing her body of work. Furthermore, despite her facial contortions and sounds of anger in her voice during her UN speech, she kept reading the pre-written script that she was holding. In other words, her rant was not an emotional one, but was a reading of text with the aid of bad acting. A picture capture and link to her IMDb page is further down this page. Now that I implied that she is a bad actress, I'll probably get accused of attacking her as anyone who questioned or disagreed with her has been accused of.

I don't know whether Greta is expecting to continue to live the good life while the rest of us live in a tyrannical one world order smart city stack-and-pack Agenda 30 megaregion or whether she really believes that the earth is at risk due to CO2. But one thing that is for certain is that she needs to be educated on the fact that the climate is manipulated by weather control, that more scientists debunk global warming than those who don't, that the climate has always changed and it is normal--not abnormal, that there are earth and sun cycles and that the United Nations has already been working toward and trying to manipulate us to accept what she has been "demanding" (and under whose direction?).


Indoctrination of the Children to idealize and push for Socialism - History Repeating

We are seeing a repeat of indoctrination to the extreme as was seen during the days of the Hitler Youth and Greta Thunberg is being used to help rally the youth together to create what I call a "United Nations Youth Movement". In Hitler's time, the school system taught the "advantages" of national socialism. Today, it is international socialism "to save the earth from human-caused global warming". During the Third Reich, the enemies were dissidents and Jews. Today it's the adults for allowing the ever-always-dynamic-changing-climate to change. Different common enemy implanted/embedded into childrens' minds today, but the same formula of indoctrination through repetition is being used.


Simalarities between Greta and Hitler Youth poster

Whether you believe it was Hitler who was really behind the youth movement or that he was just the front man for it like our politicians today is not relevant. What is relevant is that the youth were indoctrinated into certain beliefs and attitudes and still are today.

The only difference is that most of the youth being rallied today are not aware that the measures they are demanding are going to enslave (and in many cases, depopulate) them. They are told it is to save the planet.













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And now for one of our newest crisis actresses. The crisis is the climate changing which it has always done since it existed.

Gretta Thonburg IMDb page


Link to IMDb page:

Links to what Greta was in: Ave paraaso and Heti Dorges Villam Gezaval



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