For years now, news programs, commercials, talk shows, and even game shows have added a background design that consists wholly or partly of chemtrails. It has become so commonplace that it is now hard to NOT find a chemtrail design in the background. Chemtrails have even been digitally added to movies. Not only do chemtrails start to seem normal as a result (normalization); they also become almost unnoticeable due to the over familiarization of them just like the knick knacks in a room you're always in - they become "part of the woodwork" as the old expression goes and you hardly notice them anymore. This same phenomena of over familiarization applies to the chemtrails in the sky as a result of constantly seeing them in the background of almost EVERYTHING on TV and in magazine advertisements. The chemtrail design is also often so faint or in the background that one hardly notices it consciously when they are focused on the main object in the forefront. This is when the effect of these designs works in a more subliminal way.

On this page, you will find some of the hundreds of examples of normalizing chemtrails by making them (on the conscious and subconscious level) seem commonplace, normal and nothing to worry about. More examples of the types of mind control and how they are applied and how they work is on the mind control page of this site.

Chemtrail Design Nearly Always in Background of News Programs (as well as swirling lights to get you into a hypnotic accepting state of mind so that you don't question what you're being told).

Programming Acceptance

theTRUTH: Subliminal Messaging Is Real
by Youtuber UPROXX

Images of chemtrails and chemclouds added to Various Logos

Red barium aerosol clouds and faint white chemtrails.

Chemtrails that spread out and turned into
aerosol clouds with the red tint of barium
again, but this time with another large
curvy dripping chemtrail added to it.

Here it's more subtle. What was once normal fluffy clouds have been changed flatter ones with chemtrails faintly showing in between the clouds.

A mass of spray trails spread out and
meshed together making what looks like
the end of a heavy spray day.

This one is more subtle. Puffed up and widened
chemtrails that look almost like clouds,

Another version, but with more obvious
chemtrail added to the left.

Another version of Warner Brothers with clouds
even flatter and shaped more like chemtrails that expanded.

Notice the large chemtrail and a few
smaller ones behind the large storm cloud.

Digitally added to old movie

Chemtrails and Chemclouds Added to the Background of Advertisements and Other Things.

Older bill on top (with a couple of creases in it)
shows no clouds; the newer one on the
bottom has HAARP-like clouds

Aerosol Clouds and Chemtrails presented as natural clouds.
Referring to them as "clouds" was not a total lie as many of them are "chemclouds" and clouds being HAARPed..


From a Contact Lens Commercial.
Lt Beet Chemtrail sublim

Ad in Germany for Targa Bank



Usually in the background on the ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham's shows


Indoctrination of Children

Level 42 of Lessons in Love
Level 42 of Lessons in Love



New type of "clouds" drawn in. When I was younger,
they were fluffy in the sky and in the cartoons.

Introduction to Clouds chart for children
Click above picture for larger view of
what the kids are being taught in school.
Boy in class looking at cloud chart  provided by NASA
Displaying aerosol clouds (aka chemclouds)
to children as being natural clouds.

New cloud chart given to kids in school by NASA
Click above picture for larger view of what
the kids are being taught in school.

Disinfo science project contrail watching for kids (Video)


Click here for 79-picture slideshow of exampes of Conditioning us to Normalize Chemtrails