Protests and Other Actions Taken Around the World

If none of the people you are subscribed to uploaded a protest video or if you have not happened across one on some social network; you might think that no one is taking action and the only clips you would see are from mainstream media if you did a search about protests as mainstream media clips are all that can be found in a Youtube or google search. The problem with this is that the mainstream media continues to push the exaggerated covid infection numbers and label protestors to keep you too scared to leave your house. Well, despite the impression the mainstream media tries to give you, thousands are taking action around the world. Examples of protests and other actions taken to fight the lockdowns and other measures are on this page. You can also check out the legal actions being taken against the Covid measures on this page.


THE PUSHBACK - Oracle Films - The Day the World Stood Together #DareToThink
Ireland takes Legal Action Against the Lockdowns. An example everyone should follow
Lockdown Protests - The Great Awakening WorldWide (Huge Compilation 2020)
Vancouver Freedom Rally 2020 Live with Press For Truth!
Rally Crowd in the UK singing "Stick the NWO up your Arse"
Stick the New World Order up your Arse
Vancouver anti lockdown march
Massive Lockdown Protest in Berlin
Lockdown Protest in Berlin
Slovak anti-government demonstration 17.11.2020 Bratislava
Are There Lockdown Protests? - Questions For Corbett
Minnesota Governor Eases Lockdown Restrictions After Angry Outcry of Citizens
Sheriffs Begin Resisting Tyrannical Government
Protests against COVID-19 measures erupt once again over the weekend
What Anti-Lockdown Protests Look Like Around the World

Protest against lockdown in Honolulu, Hawaii

The above video is from mainstream media and I have found that it is very difficult to find videos about lockdown protests that are not from mainstream media so that they can control the narrative, still call the covid a pandemic even though the death rates are lower than the common flu and consistently insist on labeling the people who are protesting. Here is what I wrote in a comment under the above video:

"I am really so sick of your mainstream media's need to put a label on everything. How do you know the people you call right-winged are right winged. It is obvious that you are going to call them that because they have guns. I think you should know the people you are talking about before you label them. And, furthermore, the Covid is not a pandemic. Even according to Dr. Fauci in the New England Journal of Medicine, the rate of covid infection is akin to the common flu (but we won't hear that on TV). The Covid only APPEARS to be a pandemic and here are for 5 reasons why:

1. Covid is an exosome that already exists inside most people so if looked for, it will be found;

2 Doctors are incentivized with so many thousands of dollars for every covid patient they get which entices them to list patients as having covid.

3. Doctors are told to list almost every death , no matter what the cause, as covid;

4. John Hopkins who is giving the numbers of deaths and infections was part of the Event 201 p(l)andemic exercise which was funded by eugenicist and vaccine pusher Bill Gates

5. the mainstream media lies about everything."

Live At The Huntington Beach Protest

California Police STAND DOWN After Marine Vet Challenges Their Integrity

David Icke Speech - Trafalgar Square UK - Saturday 29th August 2020
Dolores Cahill - Unite For Freedom Protest London, Aug 29th 2020
Robert F. Kennedy Jr - Berlin Speech 29 Aug 2020
German City Protests Against New Lockdown Restrictions
Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters plan second day of 'secret' rally
Protest Against Masks, Covid Mandates, Held In Kentucky | NBC News NOW
Israel: Anti-govt protesters rally outside Knesset ahead of vote to restrict protests amid lockdown
Toronto Freedom Rally october 17, 2020
MELBOURNE Australia Peaceful FREEDOM PROTESTS 02-10-21 (Met With VIOLENT POLICE-STATE Response...!)
Say Something - Lockdown Protest Song

Protests against COVID-19 measures erupt once again over the weekend (Video)

Protesters launch fireworks at police in Paris (Video)

California curfew sparks protest in Huntington Beach (Video)

Push back against Colorado's Level Red COVID restrictions (Video)

Business owners "Take A Stand" in viral video (Video)

Nevada County Restaurants Stay Open, Defy Public Health Closure Notices (Video)


Press Conference in Linz, Austria with Steven Whybrow and Claire Edwards, with Claire Edwards & Steven Whybrow

Press Conference in Linz, Austria with Steven Whybrow and Claire Edwards,
after presenting the President of Austria with the Notice Of Liability in Vienna, the capitol of Austria.

1) Notice Of Liability to Austrian President, Alexander van der Bellen:

2) Declaration To Take The Planet Back:

3) The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020:




World Doctors Alliance - Open Letter to the UK Government, Governments of the World and the Citizens of the World - Report


"The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public": Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Cambridge-trained pathologist, blasts COVID measures as "outrageous," in a private meeting with Canadian officials

Michigan Rises Up - Operation Liberty March - They Don't Like That Boot On Their Face

Police State measures outlawed by Common Law Peoples' Assembly as people empowered to resist (Video)

Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe

Four Michigan Sheriffs Say They Won't Enforce Governor's Totalitarian Orders

US protests against Covid-19 lockdowns spread to liberal bastion California

PROTESTERS in Chile have taken down a police drone by aiming dozens of laser pens at the gadget

If you can stomach how the mainstream media reports (as that is all you will find) that try to make non-compliant people or protestors look bad, here is link just so you can see in the search results how many places are protesting the lockdowns:

California Sheriff: 'I Refuse to Make Criminals Out of Business Owners'

NC Nurse: "I'm Here To Tell You The Media IS Lying To You"


It begins: Law firm sues Governor Cuomo, NY Attorney General James for 'abuse of power'

Revolver Exclusive Study: COVID-19 Lockdowns Over 10 Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself

A Letter written by a senior constable from the Coffs/Clarence Highway Patrol in NSW and signed by colleagues

"The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public"; Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Cambridge-trained pathologist, blasts COVID measures as "outrageous," in a private meeting with Canadian officials



Even though protesting governments (local or federal) to be let out of the house is akin to a child begging its parents to let it out of its room, there is little else left to do at this moment in time other than trying to awaken the enforcers of tyranny by reminding them of their oath to the Constitution and to the truth of the Covid which is their justification for the lockdowns. I put three covid truth flyers and a few other ideas for the awakening of police and military on this page. There is also the idea of having thousands of law suits against governors, mayors and whoever else caused you hardship, loss of income, your business, etc., but being that everything is closed now, non-compliance seems to be the only option we currently have.

Protesting is a better option than just sitting at home running out of food, living on hope while waiting for the new world order agenda 30 goals to cement themselves. It is great to see people getting together, more waking up and getting inspired and energized. Another idea is that protestors help business owners to reopen their businesses (a few businesses at a time) by surrounding the businesses as they are reopened, instead of just walking up and down the street carrying signs. The idea is to do this with a few businesses at a time. The purpose of this page is to inspire fighting this new world order agenda.

There have been protests going on around the world, but you might not know it unless someone sends you a video or someone you're subscribed to posts one. Youtube has been taking down many videos of protests uploaded by the average person and allowing pretty much only videos from mainstream media news sources. I found this out when I did a Youtube and google search on lockdown protests around the world. The only results that came up on both places were mainstream media news sources. The problem with this is that the mainstream media always puts a label (such as right-winged, conspiracists, armed, dangerous, or whatever else they can to paint an ugly picture of and discredit the protestors. The mainstream media also consistently tries to paint every group of protestors as a group brainwashed by some leader rather than as individuals who are unhappy with what the government is doing and also continues to push the idea that the covid is a pandemic (with padded numbers) from which the government is trying to protect us. So, it is obvious that the narrative is being controlled by censoring any information that comes from sources other than the mainstream media and that the mainstream media is manipulating perception about the covid and those who protest the lockdowns.

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