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Fact Checking the Fact Checkers



When someone shares information that negates official and mainstream media narratives, the supposed fact checkers are usually right on top of it to reiterate whatever the official or mainstream narratives say. The fact checkers rarely ever (if ever at all) do any real research and tend to refer only to some official source.

I have only two examples during this writing that shows either the lack of research or purposeful omission made by fact checkers, but have seen the fact checkers be shown wrong on several occasions. When I find them, I'll add them here




Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?

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Facts About The Fact Checkers





Covid Internment Camps
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No, these photos of Angela Merkel on a plane full of drums are not proof of chemtrails - this one is deceptive and lacking in research. I'll explain below:

The above article tries to give the impression that a photo of Angela Merkel standing in a jet with water balancing tanks IS THE REASON people believe in chemtrails. Btw, this picture is not on chemtrailplanet. The writer also "proves" that chemtrails don't exist because an official she spoke to said that they don't. However, the writer of the above article was either lying by omission or just failed to do any research. The below list shows what the writer neglected to mention or to find in her article:

1. The over 200 documents and links from scientists, Universities, United Nations, and other institutions that talk of weather modification (which involves aerosols). These documents can be found on the Chemtrail Research page of this site

2. The over 200 documents and links from military and government regarding weather modification which can be found on the Military and Government Documents page of this site, and

3. The over 100 patents on weather modification which can be found on the Patents page.

NEXRAD and HAARP not mentioned in above list as they are not chemtrails, even though they work with them.



More examples of deceptive practices employed fact checkers can be found on the Slippery Snopes page.


History Rewritten With Alerts for 'Fact-Checked' Sites


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