Manufactured Foods

Manmade, Modified and Mislabled Foods


Did you know some foods are actually manmade from plastic and other materials? This page shows you which foods are fake, how to tell and what to avoid. Also, includes foods that are mislabled, such as corn and/or vegetable oil being labled as "olive oil" or corn syrup and sugar being labeled as "honey".

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How to tell if honey is real: 1. tip jar upside down. If large bubble forms and goes towards top, it's real honey; 2. Put a drop on your thumbnail. If it stays put, it's real. If it globs all over your nail, it's mostly water (along with sugar and corn syrup); 3. Pour some in a glass of water. If most of it stays on the bottom of the glass, it's real honey. If it mixes to where the water color changes, it's fake. Also, real honey should have some pollen in it and crystalizes after sitting for some time. This crystalization is a good thing and a natural process. Honey is the only food that does not go bad ever.

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