The inspiration for this page was the overwhelming evidence pointing to Hurricane Harvey being directed and intensified. There were too many anomalies and coincidences regarding Hurricane Harvey. Anamolies such as pulses showing in radar pictures, it staying in one spot for 4 days (as if something were holding it in place), cloud seeding nearby being shown on record by the Texas weather modification company and Nasa experimenting with a rocket launcher nearby on August 30th which also happens to create rain. Also, Weatherwars101 from Youtube showed Harvey being fed along the way by cooling towers and the dam of Lake Conroe was released causing more massive flooding. I am not saying the rocket launcher and cloud seeding in Texas created the water content of the hurricane, but am saying that already flooded Texas was having even more water added to it as if to make it as wet as possible.

There was also a lack of warning to Texans despite the perfection developed over decades to monitor and forecast hurricanes and after it got closer, they were told to shelter in place. Reminds me of the victims of the twin towers on 911 when they were told after hearing the first crash that everything was okay. When hurricane suppression technology exists, and has been used in the past, why has it not been used to weaken this one? Also the technology exists to direct a hurricane back out into the ocean so it wouldn't hit land. Why was this technology not used either? The meaning of the name Harvey, according to Babbel, is "eager for war". Another coincidence?

There was also evidence of Hurricane Irma being manipulated. Radar maps showed chemtrails above and around it and frequencies. It is also unnatural for a hurricane to make a sharp right angle turn as it did on the map. I say on the map because the media made it sound more devastating than it was and did not match what people who live in Florida were reporting. Even the keys looked dry when a news person made a report from there. Power was out, but it could have been turned off on purpose. People living in Florida reported nothing stronger than a tropical storm or a category 2 depending where they were.

Weather modification has included hurricane intensification and suppression for as far back as the 1960's. Many documents of weather modification can be found on this site. But, for the sake of of this page, I'll include those that pertain to hurricanes and the weaponization of weather here. This page includes documents and videos backing up my above assertions.

Hurricane Harvey & the Weather Terrorists from Land, Sea and Air

Weather Modification Docs Leaked to Seed Clouds & Cause Heavy Rain in TX, Same Day, Houston Floods

Military Docs Leaked, Hurricane's & Weather Discussed as WMD's

HAARP "rings" created by US Military -- Plasma heating via Radio Waves PROVED

Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey

TX Weather Modification Director: "Storms Can Be Made Longer,
Produce More Rain, Over Larger Area"

USDA: Texas Electrostatic Cloud Seeding Experiment June 2017


Hurricane Harvey: Refueled Three Times = 50 Inches

How NASA is CAUSING the Carnage In Texas

Coming Energy/POWER WARS; Manmade Hurricanes, Earthquakes & The Coming Space-Based World Power Grid

The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated (Some history of weather manipulation and warfare)

Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP) - the government concluded that hurricanes can be weakened by deploying micron-sized aerosols around the circulation of a hurricane.


A MACHINE TO GET RID OF HURRICANES - PDF explaining how to make and use machine to destroy hurricanes. At the time the paper was written, the patent for it was still pending, but later, the patent went through as you can see in the next item.

Machine to get rid of hurricanes US 7434524 B2

ON ENGINEERING HURRICANES by William R. Cotton and Stephen M. Saleeby, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, written in 2007

The US Government Has Experimented With Controlling Hurricanes

The Rise and Fall of the Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program

Inventor of Cloud Seeding Created Weather Weapons of War

Beware the US military's experiments with climatic warfare, says Michel Chossudovsky

High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and localized heating by Fran De Aquino, Maranhao State University, Physics Department, S.Luis/MA, Brazil.


US government takes down HAARP website to conceal evidence of US weather modification and earthquake inducing warfare

Global Weather Control Using Nuclear Reactors

Want to know about HAARP , VLF, UHF and weather modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go!

Military to Use Weather as Weapon?

Weather Modification - The Ultimate Weapon - Research paper done by a military school student.

Patent US 2003/0085296 A1 - Hurricane and tornado control device, Publication Date: May 2003.
ABSTRACT: A method is disclosed for affecting the formation and/or direction of a low atmospheric weather system. Audio generators are positioned to project sound waves toward a peripheral area of a weather system. The sound waves are generated at a frequency to affect the formation of the weather system in a manner to disrupt, enhance or direct the formation. The sound waves can also be projected in a manner to cause the system to produce rain.

Patent US 20100224696 A1 - Weather management using space-based power system
ABSTRACT: Space-based power system and method of altering weather using space-born energy. The space-based power system maintains proper positioning and alignment of system components without using connecting structures. Power system elements are launched into orbit, and the free-floating power system elements are maintained in proper relative alignment, e.g., position, orientation, and shape, using a control system. Energy from the space-based power system is applied to a weather element, such as a hurricane, and alters the weather element to weaken or dissipate the weather element. The weather element can be altered by changing a temperature of a section of a weather element, such as the eye of a hurricane, changing airflows, or changing a path of the weather element. Filing date: March 12th 2010.

Patent US 20100074390 A1 - Method for weather modification and vapor generator for weather modification. ABSTRACT: A nuclear fusion reactor (2) or nuclear fission reactor (22) is used as a heat source. A heat exchanger (11 or 37) that contains water to be heated (15) is used for water vapor generation. A circulating pipe (10 or 26) through which a fluid for cooling the nuclear fusion reactor or nuclear fission reactor or for conducting heat exchange circulates is disposed so as to extend in the heat exchanger and be in contact with the water to be heated. Water vapor is thus generated. This water vapor is jetted toward the sky at a state of collimation through a vapor discharge pipe (12 or 36). A cloud for blocking sunlight is formed in the sky from the water vapor jetted to reduce the temperature of the earth surface. This enables a weather modification without discharging any greenhouse gas, e.g., CO2. Filing date: October 24th, 2007.

Patent US 20160021834 A1 - Wind Generated Ocean Water Conversion and Distribution Unit for Hurricane Risk Mitigation, Energy Creation and Data Retrieval. ABSTRACT: Wind generated ocean water conversion and distribution unit integrated into the existing patented Windfloat technology to better mitigate hurricane risk, while creating energy and retrieve future weather condition data. The newly added technology employs a sensor activated cooling unit which propels cold moisture into the ocean atmosphere in order to help prevent warm air conditions which create potential hurricane conditions. The cooling unit is integrated into the existing Principle Power's Windfloat (patented) offshore technology. Non-hurricane season generated energy is created via the traditional technology found in the Windfloat unit(s). A data retrieval device may transmit weather and ocean condition information to an onshore collection center and monitored via current weather collection methods and computer programs.

Weather and Climate Modification (PDF)

HAARP Weather Warfare (PDF)

Angels Don't Play This HAARP

How Man Controls, Steers, & Parks For Days ... Hurricanes (Video)

FRANKENSKIES: History and Future of Weaponized Weather and Climate

Enhanced surface warming and accelerated snow melt in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau induced by absorbing aerosols - by

Atmospheric Heating as a Research Tool: Link to Space-Based Solar Power - from IEEE XPlore Digital Library

Weather Warfare: The Invisible U.S. Military Offensives in Weather Weaponry

Washington's New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) - Stated purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance. The Wikipedia claims it is no longer in use, but many news stories will tell you othewise. The "analyzing" of the ionosphere entails heating it up. HAARP also included, according to Wikipedia, "a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI (Ionospheric Research Instrument) is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde (an ionospheric sounding device), and an induction magnetometer, were used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region.
Links: The Military's Pandora's Box by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning
HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare
Alaska's HAARP Facility Once Again Open for Business

Operation Stormfury - (According to Wikipedia): was an attempt to weaken tropical cyclones by flying aircraft into them and seeding clouds with silver iodide.

Operation Popeye - From Wikipedia "was a highly classified weather modification program in Southeast Asia during 1967-1972. The cloud seeding operation during the Vietnam War ran from March 20, 1967 until July 5, 1972 in an attempt to extend the monsoon season, specifically over areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The operation was used to induce rain and extend the East Asian Monsoon season in support of U.S. government efforts related to the War in Southeast Asia."

Project Cirrus - first attempt to modify a hurricane.
Links: History of Project Cirrus (pdf) - military document


Bizarre radar anomaly over Corpus Christi Texas 2 days before Harvey landfall indicates mass weather modification took place

Why don't we try to destroy tropical cyclones by altering their heat balance using high altitude particles? (from NOAA)

Government Quietly Admits to Weather Modification Program

Texas Weather Modification

North American Weather Consultants, Inc.

Weather ship

Weather Warfare

World Weather Weapons and Earthquake Bombs: World Leaders Condemn Britain and America's Secret Arsenal

Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification

Scientists Admit They Can Control Weather with Lasers


Revealed: The Australian companies manipulating our weather


Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification

The Invisible U.S. Military Offensives in Weather Weaponry

Effects of Finescale Debris on Near-Surface Tornado Dynamics - from Journals Online

Near-Surface Intensification of Tornado Vortices - from Jourals Online

Weather Modification Playlist

Laser Conjures Clouds Over Berlin

Weather Warfare Quotes

Weather: Calamities of Nature & Weather Modification as a Weapon of Imperialism

Weather Warfare - by Science for Viet Nam Chicago Collective Science for the People Vol. 4, No. 4, July 1972, p. 9 - 10

Scientists Create 52 Artificial Rain Storms in Abu Dhabi Desert

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