Audio Files Pertaining to Chemtrails and Geoengineering

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Audio Files

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Clouds with electromagnetic frequency going through them making them wavy

Electromagnetic manipulation of aerosols that created an indent in aerosols looking like a beast

Two large chemtrails puffed out side by side

Frequency through chemclouds




THE REAL SOULUTIONS SHOW WITH PAUL FITCH 25.04.2013 by Cmr Podcasts: Click Here on Mixcloud


Madison Star Moon What the hell is that thing in the sky?


Max Bliss has a debate with a chemtrail denier on Dark City Radio. The word "debunker" is a misnomer, as no one does or can debunk chemtrails.

Blog Talk Radio list of chemtrail-related talk shows


Rense and Barnes - Creator of Skyder Alert

 Public Advocate ~ EXTINCTION! Chemtrails/Vaccines

 Truther Talk Episode 21: Chem-trails Revealed!

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Michael Murphy and Diane Macauley discuss chemtrails and geo engineering by the U.S. government.

Part 1,           Part 2,           Part 3,           Part 4

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 Archived Radio/Net Programs Discussing Chemtrails

 From Blogtalk Radio - Chemtrails, Nibiru, Planet X and Depopulation

  Truth Denied Radio on Chemtrails

From blogtalk radio:   

 "The Changing Times Radio: Original Air Date: February 21, 2011 TCTRadio Presents ...... Welcome to the FreeTruth Show with your host patrick lynch.....attempting to break through all the lies and deception of the mass media which IS owned and controlled by the very elite that HAVE engineered this global financial take-down. The truth is generally free and the truth needs to be freed. There is much dis-information out there. Go with your gut and look after your health. Say no to the vaccines. No to fluoride in your water. Switch off your tv. It is not for your entertainment or to provide real facts. It is to train you to be a slave for the new system of global governance. Grow your own food if you can and/or buy organic. The drug companies do not care about your health and that is just the tip of the medical-mafia iceberg. more...Warn everyone you can about the chemtrails polluting the planet and damaging peoples health. The real war OF terror is a war against humanity itself. The new world order will NOT succeed but it must be resisted. If the nwo get their way it will mean complete control of every aspect of our lives. A 'planned society'. A scientific dictatorship. The super-rich elite families have divided and conquered nearly everyone. Do not be distracted by false left and right party systems. The 'agenda' is the same. The game is up and they know it. That is why your freedoms are being trampled. You must stand up now and refuse to comply to the new world order. It has always been about eugenics and depopulation. That is the key to understanding why tyranny exists. Tyranny is allowed to flourish because good people do nothing.

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From radio Mp3: Interviews with Bonnie from the Bonnefire Coalition, Cindy Pikoulas of Long Island Skywatch with guest Mike Murphy producer of What In The World Are They Spraying, hosted by United We Strike.

Clifford Carnicom - Dave Peterson - Paranet    - 13th May 2000 - Chemtrails.mp3 (7.4 MB) (Modified: Jul 13 2006 01:52:57 AM)

 Scott Stevens on chemtrails and weather modification:     
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Carol Brouillet February 11, 2008 - Weather Warfare Show with Jerry E. Smith

Scott Stevens on VERITAS Radio | Chemtrails: A World in Denial | Segment 1 of 2 (over an hour long, so takes longer to load).


Excellent Radio Interviews regarding chemtrails

Chemtrail Effects on the Brain                                                                               Page Up

Check the Evidence - Chemtrails - by Andrew Johnson

G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, Mitch Battros discuss chemtrails on the Coast to Coast radio show.One hour duration:   Part1         Part 2         Part 3         Part 4        Part 5      Part 6       Part 7


The Lost Arts Radio Show with Special Guests Russ Tanner, Max Bliss and Patrick Roddie with Special Guests Russ Tanner, Max Bliss and Roddie Patrick

Here is link to Lost Arts Radio:


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