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The atmospheric conditions (temperature, altitude, humidity, wind, and air pressure) determine what type of cloud will form. Therefore, two types of clouds won't form in the same airspace. It is not only the appearance that needs to be considered when determining whether a cloud is natural, but also the atmospheric conditions. For example, aerosol clouds look much like cirrus clouds, but cirrus clouds are made up of ice crystals and do not form at or below cumulus cloud altitude.

On this page you'll find a few older cloud-type charts and a couple of newer ones. The newer charts show sun dogs whereas, the older ones do not. A sun dog is the appearance of chemicals when the sun hits it. Granted the cloud charts show only the basic cloud types and not all cloud combinations, but even the basic types have been added to in newer cloud charts. Also included on this page are the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) International Cloud Atlases Volume 1 and Volume 2 from 1975 and 1987 (respectively). The new types of clouds shown by NASA/NOAA (also included on this page) are not only not in the older cloud charts, but are not in the World Meteorological Organization cloud atlases either. You'll find also here, the video clip of someone going to the library and finding all the cloud charts were removed from older books. Was someone aware of chemtrails taking the chapters to preserve them or was this part of hiding older records?

The Creation of Cloud Cover

Before and After: The above video shows heavy and overt spraying and then the result of it 45 minutes later. I took this video in front of my home. In it, you can see cloud cover being created by the many trails thickening as they absorb moisture from the atmosphere and then mesh together. This is only a 55 second video and I marked the spot where the second filming started (45 minutes after the first filming) within the video.

*All the pictures are thumbnails. For larger versions, click on the thumbnails to open.

 Cloud Chart from Notice no sundog in this one. Here is video of cloud tutorial from

It is notable that one of the first things the teacher explains in the video is contrails and how they are made up of ice crystals due to high altitude. If you've been a sky watcher for any amount of time, you are likely to have noticed these jets leaving "contrails" at and below cumulus cloud altitudes where it is not cold enough to instantly turn hot exhaust which comes out at about 100 degrees F. into ice. Here is a PDF on "Jet Engine Exhaust Velocities and Temperatures"

The question is this, why was there a need to explain contrails in the cloud chart video? We had no contrail education whatsoever in the 60's or 70's when I went to school.

Cloud chart from Accuweather
Here is from Accuweather in 1995. Still showing only 10 cloud types (excluding the fog).

Cloud chart NOAA
This one is from NOAA. Though there are less clouds in this one than the previous charts on this page; NOAA's website shows photos of "clouds" that don't fit the heights specified on their cloud chart. Some of their cloud photos look more like what some of us have seen after a heavy spray day and then frequency waves pulse through the spray. Here is link to NOAA's cloud types page: NOAA cloud types

Here is a link from Navy/Military website: NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP

Patent for creating clouds: PatentForCreatingClouds.pdf

Cloud Chart 2
This one from Airlineworld Word Press. Notice how this one has the sun with a halo around it. There is another cloud-type chart offered by Thomas Higher Education in 2007 which also shows the same type of sun halo. You can find this newer (2007) one here.

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) International Cloud Atlas, Volume 1 - Revised Edition, 1975 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) International Cloud Atlas, Volume 2, 1987



Cloud Intro
This is an introduction to clouds given to kids in school. NASA/NOAA has made their online version of this too small to read. I enlarged it and sharpened it as much as possible so that you can read some of it and better see the pictures. Click on the picture to open the larger view



Cloud chart
I enlarged this one as much as possible, but the cloud names are still blurry. Click on picture to the left for larger version for a better view of the cloud photos on this chart.

Cloud type stamps thumbnail
Click to open larger version.
Cloud Types Removed from Older Library Books -

   SCIENCE NOW CLAIMS THEY JUST FOUND 11 NEW CLOUD TYPES (What kind of science is the mentioned science? Could it be... junk science? A header like this causes almost everyone to blindly believe. That's a programming technique. Just remember, questioning science is science.)


CATS (Cloud Aerosol Transport System) - Quote from NASA website: "The Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS), planned for launch in 2014, is a lidar remote sensing instrument that will provide range-resolved profile measurements of atmospheric aerosols and clouds from the International Space Station (ISS). CATS is intended to operate on-orbit for at least six months, and up to three years."
Why does NASA need something to measure aerosols if they deny that aerosols are being sprayed?

1935 Cloud Types - This is from a book that was scanned into a computer.

Cirrus clouds in this 1935 book look the same as contrails/chemtrails we've seen spreading out. However, cirrus clouds are made up of ice crystals and exist at higher altitudes. Much of the thick spread out chemtrails we see that look like cirrus clouds are at lower altitude where it is not cold enough to turn into ice crystals. Anyone who pays attention would have noticed more than once that these cirrus looking aerosol clouds are often mixed in with rain clouds which form at a lower altitude.


New Type of Cloud Variety
There is no larger view for this one as the text
was too blurry when enlarged.

Online article on this:    New Cloud Variety on the Horizon?

The articles linked above tell how this new cloud "undulatus asperatus" was the first new one since 1951. Though not yet global and all year round; weather modification started in the 1950's. (I have plenty of information regarding this within this website and will search for and put here next week).

17 Captivating Clouds -a list of newer cloud types that don't show up on any older cloud type chart. Some of the "clouds" on this "17 Captivating Clouds" page are a result of aerosol spraying by tanker jets. The definition given for what makes up a cloud is no longer only water droplets (or ice) and dust or dirt, now the definition includes chemicals. So, this is an admission that some clouds are made up of chemicals.

NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP

Here is a quote from "At the sub-zero temperatures where contrails form, steam from the exhaust freezes and expands to about a hundred times its sea-level volume in the low air pressure of the stratosphere."

Now, after being reminded that contrails form at sub-zero temperatures; ask yourself if low altitude clouds (when it is not winter time) are sub-zero temperature when viewing the two videos of low-flying sprayers (below)

Note:, when referring to weather modification, talks ONLY of cloud seeding and makes no mention of the weather warfare (flood and drought inducement) that has been occurring.

Here you can see the Appleman's chart which tells you the maximum temperature at which persistent contrails can form and note, ALL of the conditions require SUB-ZERO temperatures.

Note: After checking the link from the NASA page; I learned that the Appleman's (contrail) chart was removed from the NASA page. But it is still on the above link on the government/military page of this site.

For further evidence that I did not create that chart and post it on that page, here is a video posted 3 years ago by someone else showing how to use the Appleman chart: NASA Appleman Chart - Contrail / Chemtrail Science used by USAF


London low altitude chemtrails

Low altitude chemtrails is an irrefutable reality

Very strange looking clouds:

Amazing Mass Sightings Over Georgia

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