I know the amount of information on this page is massive and overwhelming. I don't suspect anyone would open and read every piece of information on here. Just reading the titles, should be enough for the purpose of this page to be successful, and that is to prove without a doubt that there are spraying programs and weather modification occurring.


Note: If you click on item in this box, your selection will appear at top edge of page. If jump to does not work, try refreshing page. The information on this page is not listed by importance, but in the order in which I received it. All the newest stuff can be found at the bottom of the drop down list above.

This page is of documentation from institutions, Universities, scientists, Club of Rome, United Nations and other groups and agencies regarding weather control and modification. Don't forget about the military & government documents page on which you'll find many military and government documents related to chemical trails and other forms of weather control (not to imply that weather control is the only purpose of chemtrails).

Geoengineered Transhumanism: Elana Freeland Moves Above and Beyond Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Space Fence in Her New Book (BOOK REVIEW: OUR GEOENGINEERING AGE)

Weather Modification, Progress, Problems, Policy and Potential - This is a senate report put together in 1978. Click here for backup copy (if first one goes down).

Chemtrails Exposed! NASA Scientist Admits to Spraying Lithium Points to Wallops Flight Facility (Video)- In this one, scientist also admits to chemtrails - saying they are for the purpose of testing and measuring wind patterns. (Monkeys could do this in less than a year - not over 50!, so it sounds as if the NASA scientists was fed a false justification for the spraying or is outright lying.) Testing wind patterns is not an explanation for covering almost every inch of sky in almost every country nearly every day.

Here is site from Clemson College of Engineering and Science: Atmospheric and Space Physics that goes with above video.

Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030 (PDF)- by AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY

OPERATION CLOVERLEAF: The Most Dangerous Weapons Testing Program In World History

The Many Problems with Geoengineering Using Stratospheric Aerosols (from Rutgers University)

A Recommended National Program in weather Modification (pdf)

Secret Military Space Mirrors (Video)

Military Smart-Dust In chemtrails(Video)

The Edwards Aquifer Website - Cloud Seeding

What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For.. Full HAARP Documentary (Video)

DARPA Pentagon Shield Program (PDF)

CIA Climate Control Paper (Sanitized copy released in 2013)



Calling for a Congressional Investigation into Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (PDF)

We have been Geoengineering for years (50) (Video)


Busted! Proof of Weather Modification ! Satellite Imaging Shows Coil over Prince Edward Islands! (Video)

Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Jet Exhaust Velocities and Temperatures (PDF)

Weather and Climate Modification (report of the Special Commission on Climate modification)PDF

The evolution of a weather modification rd program into a military weapons system (PDF)


Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering (from the Council of Foreign Relations)

Retooling the Planet? � Climate Chaos in the Geoengineering Age (by the ETC Group)

Geoengineering and Weather Modification Timeline

Addis-Ababa Action Agenda - addressing the challenge of financing and create an enabling environment at all levels for sustainable development

Fixing the Weather and Climate (PDF)

"High levels of Silver (Ag), Barium (Ba) and Strontium (Sr) and low levels of copper (Cu) have been measured in the antlers, soils and pastures of the deer that are thriving in the chronic wasting disease (CWD) cluster zones in North America in relation to the areas where CWD and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) have not been reported. The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources--stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with 'cloud seeding'" from National Library of Medicine written in 2004.


Lab tests in Arizona from Arizonaskywatch

Queensland Water Analysis (this is from 2013 - forgot I had on my computer)

Rainwater in the Netherlands, under a microscope (Video) - This one not a lab test
and the amount of magnification or whether the rain water sat outside for a while
before being collected was not indicated, but worth considering

Video recorded Barium Aluminium rainwater precipitation official test results test Defra, UK

Aluminum and Barium Should Not Be Found in Rainwater Lab Tests (Video)

Soil lab tests from Homestead, Canada

More lab tests  


Chemtrails and open Air Testing on AMERICANS (biowarfare)

CIA Director Admits Chemtrails Are real

Unbelievable Evidence of Nexrad and other Transmitters
Weather Control

Evergreen Aviation Admits to (chemtrail)Weather
Modification Contract w/US



CME's Andriesen Discusses Weather Derivatives, Customers



CHEMTRAILS - Furnace vs. High Bypass Turbofan
Jet engine vs POLICE @ COMMON LAW

Debunking NASA's Persistent Contrail Myth
Using Weather Sonde Data


The State of Weather Modification 2014 (Video)


Geoengineering Dangers Discussed By Officials, Agency Scientists
And Other Experts

Hurricane Modification PILOT TELLS ALL !!! Project StormFury!!!
Why 'FRANKENSTORM', by Youtuber revmichellehopkins

Aluminum as Aerosol Geoengineering Agent
by Youtuber gomauro

US Navy Offensive Biological Warfare "Training" Video Is Beyond Shocking
(from Geoengineeringwatch.org)

Chemtrails - The Climate Industrial Complex

      Heathrow Bound Pilots Made Dizzy By Unexplained Smell

More links below of Heathrow story:


20th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification


"Human Alteration of Weather and Climate: Engineering, Ethics, and Politics" On the Ethics of Climate Engineering: An Overlooked Question? Anthropogenic Snow: A Case of Industrial Plant-Induced Snowfall in the Texas Panhandle B.J. Simpson, NOAA/NWS, Amarillo, TX; and J. Jackson, T. T. Lindley, and K. Scotten The Relationship of Localized Severe Convection to Local and Non-Local Irrigation Brian C. Ancell, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX; and C. Nauert Observations and Modeling of Inadvertent and Advertent Weather Modification II Human Alteration of Weather and Climate: Engineering, Ethics, and Politics

Chemtrail Whistleblower Allan Buckmann: Some Thoughts On Weather Modification

Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails [Excerpts]

CIA Director Admits Chemtrails Are real

Weather Modification: The Evolution of an R&D Program Into a Military Operation

Weather Modification and Control

Regulatory Framework for Climate-Related Geoengineering Relevant to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Particle Processes in Aircraft Plumes

Nanostructure Science and Technology - A Worldwide Study

Carnicom Abstracts (PDF)

Chemtrail Ecology (PDF)

HAARP-Induced Ionospheric Ducts (PDF)

HAARP Research and Applications (PDF)

Coal Fly Ash Used In Chemtrail Aerosols: Geophysicist Produces Conclusive Evidence

Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity and Earth's Biota (PDF)
by Clandestine Geoengineering Activity
by Nuclear Chemist, J. Marvin Herndon

Here is the Wikipedia entry on J. Marvin Herndon: J. Marvin Herndon

Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War

Agreement Between Canada and US relating to Weather Modification Activities

INTERVIEW: Respected Scientist Validates Public Concern Over Chemtrails

Toxic Lithium Being Sprayed Over OR And The US

NASA Admits to Chemtrails and Lithium Test

Effects of atmospheric dusty plasma generated by natural radioactivity on the atmosphere thermodynamics and electrodynamics (Harvard Paper)

Weather and Climate Modification - Problems and Prospects

Artificially reducing Sun's rays to stop global warming could destroy the world, says study - I almost hate putting this here because the continuous claim that this is being thought of for the future is BS since it's been going on for decades, but it does confirm what many of us have already witnessed from the constant blocking of the sun - plants need sun for photosynthesis and during the photosynthesis process they intake CO2 from the air and produce oxygen. This article doesn't talk only about the detrimental effect blocking the sun has on plants, but also the detriment to corals (which produce oxygen), mammals and amphibians.

Southern California Edison weather modification

Various Cloud Seeding Programs and Projects

Journal of Weather Modification

The Test Results of my Snow - Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Sulfur (Video)

An overview of geoengineering of climate using stratospheric sulphate aerosols (PDF)

Geoengineering Research

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984-2012)

AuroraGeoReport (pdf)  

DOD Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests

HIGH BYPASS TURBOFAN JET ENGINES & CONTRAILS (Video) - explains the science of why turbofans do NOT create contrails

Table/list of Military Weather Experiments

Impact of Geoengineering Aerosols (PDF)

Exposed: Secret presidential chemtrail budget uncovered Congress exceeds billions to spray populace like roaches

Geoengineering Map

China spent millions on a shady project to control the weather ahead of the Beijing Olympics -- and dozens of other countries are doing it too

Chemtrail Flowchart

Atmospheric Aerosols: Biogeochemical Sources and Role in Atmospheric Chemistry (from Science Magazine)

Global simulations of ice nucleation and ice supersaturation with an improved cloud scheme in the Community Atmosphere Model

Agent Orange: A Deadly Legacy

Introduction To Weather Derivatives



C-130 aircraft caught dropping massive �raindrop shaped fibers� onto populace, lab tests confirm �metals�


A Timeline of Geoengineering Rules and Regulations Worldwide

WMO Weather Expert Committee Weather Modification Research (PDF) - Direct Link and PDF copy (just in case site goes down)

Upper-tropospheric relative humidity observations and implications for cirrus ice nucleation

Man Plays w/ Chemtrail Fibers Falling All Around the World (Video) - This one is not definitive, but is a possible piece of evidence.

TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT: Climate Engineering: Technical Status, Future Directions, and Potential Responses

Weather Modification: The Revolution of an R&D Program into a Military Operation (PDF)

Evergreen Aviation Admits to (chemtrail) Weather Modification Contract w/USAF (Article)

US military discusses future of Weather Warfare despite ENMOD ban

Laser-induced plasma cloud interaction and ice miltiplication under cirrus cloud conditions (PDF)

Geoengineering Governance Research (PDF)

Descriptions and Links to Clifford Carnicom's Studies regarding Biochem Warfare Testing (PDF)



North American Interstate Weather Modification Council

Atmospheric Aerosol Properties and Climate Impacts

Geoengineering - Taking Control of our Planet's Climate
(from the Royal Society)

Contrail Science: It�s Impact on Climate, Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the U.S. and it�s Allies

Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the New Manhattan Project

Local Meteorologist Found Guilty of Chemtrail Spraying (shows what chemtrailing can do locally)

Weather Modification Using Electromagnetic Beams
Common Knowledge at Aquiess,Inc. SD (Video)

How Texas Stole California's Rain! - from Climateviewer.com, some weather modification history.


NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP

Ionospheric Heaters - How HAARP really works (Video)

Cloud condensation nuclei activation of monoterpene and sesquiterpene secondary organic aerosol

Chemtrails UK pushing regulations

Making Artficial Clouds

HAARP-Induced Ionospheric Ducts

List of HAARP Patents


Those behind Global warming HOAX

Nano partcles =Clouds

Treaty to Not Allow Environmental Modification

Chemtrail Insider Whistleblows and Reveals How to Protect Ourselves

1966 Plans for Weather Control

Report on breathing alu nano particles

Use of Energy Weapons, HAARP and Chemtrails for Political Control

The history of Geoengineering

Global Warming

History of Project Cirrus

1935 Cloud Types

Weather War Big Picture: HAARP, Chemtrails, Geo-Engineering, & Bio-Engineering (Video)

The Potential Atmospheric Impact of Chemicals Released in the Air (PDF) - Paper done by EPA

The Conduction of Electricity through Gases - PDF (Cambridge Study)

Special Commission Weather Modification Report (PDF)

History of Weather Control

Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy (PDF)

Elite Think Tank Admits to Ongoing Climate Engineering Experiments

Heavy Aerosols Maintain Polar Vortex, on 11 08 14 (Video)

STAC Board and Committee Reports 2013 (includes aerosol programs)- PDF

HAMP - Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program - A report done by Weather Modification Org). Direct link to site and PDF (downloaded in case page goes down)

Clouds are Manmade

Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC) The Influence of Arctic Aerosol on Clouds (from 2008)

The Weather Modification Association (WMA)

Leaked Weather Modification Document. Comes from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Page.

Click here for pdf (in case it's removed from the Trading Commissions site.

Rothschild company, has now purchased the www.weathernetwork.com (news clip video)

Powder Contrail Generation  

Regulatory Framework for Climate-Related Geoengineering

The Purpose of Chemtrails Weather Modification by Sattellite

Patent for Creating Clouds

Terraforming, Inc.

Environment and Climate Program

Cloud Seeding

Population Control

Total Population Control

The Pentagon's Secret Psychopharmacological Warfare Program

Atmospheric Effects of Aircraft Emissions in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere

List of some of the Current Geoengineering Schemes (but presented as a possibility for the future- preprogramming for those who have not yet noticed what's in the sky?)

Ionospheric Heaters: worldwide map of radars like HAARP!

ELF Weapons - Nikola Tesla's quest to Control the Weather (Video)

Possible Soviet Responses to the US Strategic Defense Initiative (Check the part about the Directed Energy Systems and Space Systems)

Excellent Slideshow presented at a Chemtrails hearing for EU parliament

Aviation Fuel Additive to Deliver Stratospheric Aerosols

Document:Chemtrails - Proof and Purpose

CNN Special Report 1985 Electromagnetic Frequency (Video)

Aerosols programs are a big part of electromagnetic frequencies as the metals in the aerosols help to transmit.
Here is well known research paper of the advances in Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich: Angels Don't Play This HAARP (PDF)

What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For.. Full HAARP Documentary (Video)

Geoengineering Cost Analysis for Dispersing Aerosols

The Artificial Intelligence of Geoengineering

 Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF

Atmospheric Aerosol Properties

2009 SOLAS Summer School Introduction to Marine Aerosols   rails, contrails, weather modification, weather manipulation, geoengineering, global, politics, economy, global warming, climate change, carbon emissions, carbon tax, Bilderberg

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee The Regulation of Geoengineering

Unilateral Geoengineering Non-technical Briefing Notes for a Workshop At the Council on Foreign Relations

Tackling climate change with technology (Proposals to do in the future what has already been happening for over 10 years)

Weather Modification Incorporated

Implications of Population

Weather Wars 101 - Youtube Channel

Modification of Cirrus Clouds to Reduce Global Warming (from IOP Science org)

An Overview of Geoengineering of Climate using Stratospheric Sulphate Aerosols
(from Royal Society Publications)

Announcing the Launch of GeoengineeringMonitor.org

North American Weather Consultants, Inc.

Weather Modification Reporting Act of 1972 (from Cornell University Law School)


Geo-Engineering the Climate: Lessons from Purposeful Weather and Climate Modification

On the Trasition Between Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Freezing (PDF)

Properties of Ice-Supersaturated Layers Based on Radiosonde Data Analysis

Enhanced surface warming and accelerated snow melt in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau induced by absorbing aerosols - by iopscience.org

Contrail cirrus and their climate impact

Black carbon semi-direct effects on cloud cover: review and synthesis - from Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics of the European Geosciences Union.

Stratospheric geoengineering with black carbon aerosols - From Rutgers University


Primary and Secondary Organic Marine Aerosol and Oceanic Biological Activity: Recent Results and New Perspectives for Future Studies

Putin Warns:Western Governments Are Destroying The Planet With Chemtrails For Control And Profit-VIDEO

The Journal of Weather Modification by Weather Modification.org


There Was A Weird Bright Red Cloud Trail Over The East Coast

NASA's Fourth of July Fireworks: 2 Rockets Launching Today

Chemical Properties of Lithium (this is a follow-up of link above regarding rocket expelling lithium in atmosphere)

Chemtrail Alert Notice from Environmental Department Manager
(Click picture on the left for larger view).


Click on thumbnails below to open documents


President's EMP Commission

Weather Modification in Texas

Atmospheric Heating of the Ionosphere for Testing


World Map and History of Geoengineering

Diagram of Patent for Dispensing Aerosols        

Diagram of Patent for creating Powder Contrails

Picture of Smoke  making patent for Jets
Patent #US1619183A for Process of Producing
Smoke Clouds from Moving Aircraft.
(Click Above Image for PDF )

Proof Of Retrofit Aerosol Spraying Nozzles On Airbus Jet Aircraft (Video)

NASA Scientist Says There Are Different Types of Chemtrails (Video)


Global Satellite View

Initial Report on Weather Modification Activities

Belfort Group International Investigation

Cloud Cover (an article written by scientist and researcher Cliff Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute)

Ice Nuclei Generation for Weather Modification (from Denver Reseasrch Center, Denver University)

Solar Radiation Management Initiative (from Royal Society)

How Aircraft Contrails Form Man-Made Clouds

World Meteorological Organization Weather Modification Statement

FAA Registry for Weather Mod Airplanes

Click Thumbnails Below to Open Documents

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