Deaths and Injuries Following the Covid Jab


“If you give that jab to your child, you are committing a crime.” ~ Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
“Children have very mild illness, many of them don’t realise they’ve had COVID-19.” ~Dr. Peter McCullough
“In fact, the risk from seasonal flu we think is probably higher than the risk of covid.” ~Dr. Jenny Harries
“Why would you turn around and inject them with a substance that is experimental, and has a growing number of serious side-effects, such as myocarditis?”
“It’s state sanctioned child abuse, period.” ~Dr. Roger Hodkinson
“ It’s crazy to vaccinate them with something that is actually 50 times more likely to kill them than the virus itself.” “If you mandate vaccination of all of the children, roughly one hundred of them per million will die as a direct result of your decision, and it will save no lives.”
~Dr. Mike Yeadon

The deaths and injuries from the jab are ongoing and on the rise. How many people will have to become permanently disabled or die for the normies to wake up to the fact that the COVID pandemic is fake and the real one has just started? To those who still believe it's all just a 'conspiracy theory' I can only say I tried to see things from your perspective but I couldn't get my head that far up my ass.


Lab Rats
First of all, before I go on, if you think the cartoon on the left is just right wing conspiracy theory, here is link to government page listing the Covid-19 jab as a trial: What's more, the Australian government referred to the Covid-19 "vaccine" as a poison in the Public Health Act of 2016.

Because the Covid-19 injections are still on trial until April of 2023; claims that they are safe and effective cannot be made. How can it be known whether they are safe and effective when they are still being tested (on you). Therefore, getting the injection makes you a guinea pig, a test subject.

Coercing, deceiving, forcing and/or mandating that people take an experimental medical procedure, which the Covid-19 jab is (along with uninformed consent of its ingredients and dangers) ALL go against the codes of ethics as outlined in the Nuremberg Code and against human rights in general. The Nuremberg Code wes created in 1947 as a response to a series of military tribunals for war crimes.

This page covers many of the deaths and injuries from the covid-19 "vaccine" as shown in many videos, news articles and reports, including the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (a government website).

The reason I put vaccine in quotes is because Moderna admitted that the vaccine is an operating system and several doctors reported that it is full of nanotechnology/nanobots and modifies our DNA. Many videos of doctors and other experts speaking out about the jab are on this page.

Note, the VAERS death and injury reports depend on people knowing that the resource is available. Most don't even know it exists and therefore, do not report their vaccine injuries. Here are instructions for reporting any direct effect (which is euphemistically called a side effect) you might have experienced from the injections.

The list of deaths and injuries from the covid vaccine (rather genetic modifier) that is on this page is only a small sample to give you an idea of how massive the numbers are and does not include ALL the deaths. The numbers keep rising as the deaths and injuries from the genetic modifiers is ongoing.

Also, see down below a screen capture of a close up that shows the needle that supposedly went into Mariah Carey, while pretending to be vaccinated on TV, pushed back into the syringe instead of into her arm. Famous people are joining in on the campaign to get people to believe the vaccines are safe and effective. More examples of social engineering being employed to get people to want the vaccine, can be found near to the bottom of this page and at the bottom of the social engineering page of this site. With all the lies, social engineering and coercing going on to get everyone vaccinated; I suggest you circulate this page as doing so may save the life of someone you know who is believing the TV and would likely get the covid "vaccine" because of it.

Nothing to see here folks, move along...

Blood comparison Blood comparison 2 Blood comparison 3
Microscopic view of the 'vaccine' nano mine field (Video, watch till the end)

Must read: The Deagel 2025 projections
(see also Jeff Rense's excellent site and
100% of Deaths are From 5% of the Manufacturer Lots)

Children are dying at a rate 62% higher than the 5-year-average since they began to be given the Covid-19 Vaccine

Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder”

Senior French vaccine expert professor: “Vaccinated people should be quarantined and isolated from society”
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Vaccinated Doctors are Dying and Unvaccinated Doctors are Quitting or Being Fired: Who will Run the Hospitals?

Orthopedic Surgeon Performed 800 Surgeries Per Year but Now Cannot Work Due to COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries (Video)

Professor: Vaccinated People Have ‘Relevant Role’ in Spreading COVID-19

Study: Double-Jabbed Dying at 6x Higher Rate Than the Unvaxxed

CDC Admits It Has No Record of an Unvaccinated Person Spreading Covid After Recovering From Covid

‘Absolutely forbidden’ Ruling on Covid Jabs by Jewish Court

Brazilian President tells WHO Director “People are Dying” After COVID Shots – Pleads with WHO to Publicly NOT Recommend it for Children

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data Show Surge in Reports of Serious Injuries, as 5-Year-Olds Start Getting Shots

Texas Church Injects Young Children with COVID Shot in Halloween Celebration – Christian Churches Now Working with the CDC to Abuse and Murder Children

Pfizer Secretly Adds Dangerous Ingredient to Injections for 5 to 11 Year Olds as Taiwan Stops Pfizer Shots for 12 to 17 Year Olds


Special Program on the technical report on the detection of graphene oxide in COVID vaccines, explained by Dr. Pablo Campra

The Dark Winter DIE-OFF begins: Mass vaccination deaths collide with engineered starvation and the collapse of gas and energy

Federal Judge Halts Biden's Vaxx Mandate

[VIDEO] CDC Director CDC Lets It Slip, ‘Admits’ People Might Be Dying From COVID Vaccine

Sound familiar? (from 01/11/2013)

Burials up 15%, cremations up 10% in 2021 compared to 2020 when there were no covid “vaccines”

Hundreds of thousands of covid vaccine injuries BACKLOGGED and not yet entered into VAERS … far greater numbers of injuries and deaths are still to come

COVID VAX GENOCIDE: Children’s hospitals now being flooded with INFANT cardiac patients

How Long Do the Vaccinated Have to Live?

Athletes Around the World are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems

Immunization expert: 'Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others'

Revealed! UN Plan To Vax Children Without Parental Consent


Analysis: 100% of Deaths Following COVID-19 Shots are From Only 5% of the Manufacturer Lots According to VAERS

Flight Surgeon: "Ground Injected Military Pilots" - Hearing You WON'T See (Video)

Ole Dammegård Interview - Reiner Fuellmich, Corona Investigative Committee (11/2/2021, Video)

THE UK HAS FALLEN – 85% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Child deaths have risen by 83% since they were offered the jab, the Covid-19 Vaccines have negative effectiveness as low as -132%


Doctors and COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Testify in Washington D.C. to Crimes Against Humanity – CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci are No Shows

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC is a BIO-WARFARE Operation – and the “VACCINES” are PHASE 2 of the ATTACK

Hear the Suppressed Voices of the Vaccine Injured

Why has Pfizer changed the formulation of its Covid-19 Vaccine for Children to include an ingredient that stabilises people suffering a Heart Attack?

Government’s Own Data Proves COVID-19 Shots Are Causing Blood Clots, Heart Disease, and DEATH

School in mourning after two pupils die suddenly in one week

Young children receive COVID-19 vaccines at Walgreens instead of flu shots, now show signs of heart damage (We have saved a copy of the research paper in a PDF document on NN servers at this URL)

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro (We have saved a copy of the research paper in a PDF document on NN servers at this URL)

(Natural News) SCIENCE HORROR: Vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders and accelerated aging.

Analysis: 100% of Deaths Following COVID-19 Shots are From Only 5% of the Manufacturer Lots According to VAERS

Thousands of Doctors & Scientists Worldwide Call for a Halt to the Unsafe & Toxic COVID Vaccines, for a Halt to Vaccine Mandates, & for Freedom to Practice Medicine & Share Research Without Fear of Censorship – As Medical Boards Issue Unscientific Edicts & Censor Truth telling!

Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight

Former Pfizer Employee Karen Kingston: Covid Vaccines Will Likely Cause Increase in 'Deadly Cancers'

Official figures show Fully Vaccinated accounted for 82% of Covid-19 Deaths & 66% of Hospitalisations in England during the past month

UK Stats Show 82% of COVID-19 Deaths and 66% of Hospitalizations were Among Fully Vaccinated for Past Month

Attorneys and Doctors Warn that Hospitals are No Longer Safe - Remdesivir Drug Kills 25% of Patients - 85% Patients on Ventilators Die

Public comment by Dr. Stillwagon

SHOCKING: Scientist Finds "THE THING" .. a 3-Legged Aluminum Based Alien Lifeform In Pfizer Covid Vaxx (Dr. Franc Zalewski) We are truly living in a Sci-Fi world, as all life on Earth are carbon based, while the critter that was discovered in the Pfizer-Jab is aluminum and carbon. Apparently this creature eats graphene oxide, moves, reproduces, and lays eggs. It's been measured at 2.3 mm in length, although it is unknown just how big this creature will grow inside the human body. Nor is it known what effect this alien lifeform will have upon its host.

HEALTH AND FREEDOM CONFERENCE - Conversation About Vaccines

Israel Censors Thousands of Vaccine Injury Reports and Lies about Adverse Events

Fully Vaccinated Are COVID "Super-Spreaders" Says Inventor of mRNA Technology

Parasitic Organism Dubbed "The Thing" Found in COVID Vaccines

VIDEO: Fauci Calls For 6 Month Old Babies To Be Vaccinated With Universal Flu Shot

Europe COMPLETELY BANS the Moderna Vaccine for Young People Due to HIGH RISK of Heart Inflammation

New South Wales Australia to hand out 1000 dollar fines without proof of vaccination.

Dr. Robert Malone MD says that the vaccinated are risking everyone's health.

Dr Ryan Cole "Vaccination promotes cancer"

Babies being born with MAJOR defects from vaccinated parents.

There is a living creature inside the vaccine. It is immortal. The "Hydra Vulgaris"

Unvaxed at Risk from Vaxed in Coming Dark Winter - Karen Kingston

As Deaths and Injuries to Teens Increase After COVID-19 Shots Pfizer Asks FDA for Emergency Authorization to Inject 5 to 11-Year-Olds

COVID IS OVER - Scandinavian Governments Announce "COVID Is Over," Israel Announces the Vaccine Doesn't Protect

The Killer in the Bloodstream: the "Spike Protein"

HORROR: Exclusive VIDEO Captures "Organism" From Vaxxed Soldier's Body (video)

Vaccinated are transmitting artificial intelligence synthetic affliction to the unvaccinated (video)

The AI Organization Founder: Nano-Tech Vaccines are Extinction Agenda (video)

RECEIPTS: DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Monitoring Vaxx Deaths! (video)

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet

15,472 DEAD 1.5 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union's Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots (as of June 19th 2021, according to European database)

501 deaths + 10,748 other injuries reported following COVID vaccine, latest CDC data shows

CDC Reports 2,794 Total Deaths Following COVID Experimental "Vaccines"

329 Deaths and 9,516 "Other Injuries" in U.S. Reported Following COVID Vaccine

181 Dead in the U.S. During 2 Week Period From Experimental COVID Injections - How Long Will We Continue to Allow Mass Murder by Lethal Injection?

Pfizer Admits Vaccine Does Not Prevent COVID

Pregnant or Under 18? Don't Get Moderna's COVID Vaccine, WHO Says

COVID Vaccines "Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction" says Wyoming Medical Doctor and Manager for Wyoming's State Public Health Department

Moderna Admits: MRNA Jabs Are An 'Operating System' Designed To Program Humans

Government Consigned Israeli Population to be Human Subjects in a Massive Experiment

Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

Central NY school district closes after many staff sick with side effects from Covid vaccine

Pfizer bails out of India after country demands safety testing for COVID vaccine

460 Dead 243,612 Reported Injuries from COVID19 Vaccines Reported in the U.K.

Nearly 4000 dead from mRNA vax according to European database

F.O.I Request shows 2,207 died within 28 days of having the Covid Vaccine in Scotland during February

Woman suffers agonizing rash after Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

Man's skin 'peeled off' in rare reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine

Mother's face, arms, chest, back and legs erupt in agonising red rash after getting AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine - as 41-year-old claims she is still in unbearable pain two weeks later

22-Year-Old Israeli Girl DEAD Following Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injection

2 Alaska Health Workers Got Emergency Treatment After Receiving Pfizer's Vaccine

CDC Issues New Guidelines, Launches Probe After 1000s Negatively-Affected Following COVID-19 Vaccination

Nurse Collapses on Television Minutes After Receiving Covid Vaccine (other than a photo of a dark haired girl with her face half covered, no word has been heard from Tiffany since after her fainting incident and her facebook page became inactive)

Number of Pregnant Women suffering Miscarriage after having Covid Vaccine increases by 483% in just 7 weeks

Michigan Journalist Dies Day After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Emma Tandy: British educator dead six weeks after experimental AstraZeneca shot

Malta: 67-year-old Blanche Mamo dead three weeks after AstraZeneca shot

Tabatha McDonald: 24-year-old Texas nurse has seizures, brain aneurysm two hours after experimental Johnson & Johnson shot

Man Dies Minutes After Taking First Dose Of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

British Columbia: One Dead, Three Neurologically Disabled, 'Numerous' Reactions from Vaccine in Tiny Indigenous Village

CDC Admits 5,800 FULLY VACCINATED People Became Infected with COVID-19 and 74 Died

847 Deaths 626,087 Injuries Recorded in the UK During 4 Months of Experimental COVID "Vaccines"

COVID VACCINE DEATH investigation: 48-year-old woman dies after coronavirus jab -- 7NEWS (Video)

Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs Reports 26 MAR 2021 (PDF)

URGENT!! College Student Dies a Day After the Johnson & Johnson Jab! (Video by High Impact Flix)

35-Year-Old Nurse and Mother of 2 DEAD Following Pfizer Experimental COVID Injections in UK

VAERS COVID REPORTS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, USA) 68,347 Reports Through April 9, 2021

India's Health Ambassador & Tamil Actor Vivek Dies One Day After Taking COVID Vaccine


A 5-month-old infant died after receiving breast milk from his vaccinated mother who recently received her second dose of Pfizer vaccine, CDC VAERS data shows

Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order and Tells the Public How the Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community

Sharon Beaudry: 67-year-old North Carolina woman dead 24 hours after first Pfizer mRNA shot

'Baldwin Hills' Star 30-Year-Old Ashley Taylor Gerren DEAD after Getting COVID Injection

Emma Burkey: 18-year-old Las Vegas woman has three brain surgeries to relieve blood clots one week after Johnson & Johnson shot

Bernice Gibb Rhoades: 56-year-old niece of Bee Gees brothers dead days after second Pfizer mRNA shot

44-Year-Old Pastor DEAD after Moderna COVID Shot

India: actor and comedian Vivek dead 48 hours after Covaxin "inactivated virus" shot

Luke Garrett: 20-year-old Scotland man dead less than 12 hours after experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

Physical Therapist Dies Two Days After Getting COVID-19 Shot in Indiana

Covid-19 vaccine turned woman's legs into 'giant blisters' and left her in wheelchair

Paralyzed after 2nd COVID shot (video) (despite the news who is sponsored by big pharma, saying paralysis is extremely rare--it is not)

Another long list of injuries on Dr. Vernon Coleman's website

U.K. Government release 9th report on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines

Major Study Finds "Abundance of Patients Admitted to Hospital With Covid Within Seven Days of Vaccination"

Teen Hospitalized With Blood Clots in Brain After First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine

46 Nursing Home Residents in Spain Die Within 1 Month of Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine

17-Year-Old Gets Blood Clots in Brain after the Covid Jab (Video)

Europe reports nearly 20,000 cases of eye disorders after vaccination against the CCP Virus

BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Lisa Shaw died aged 44 after suffering blood clots following Covid AstraZeneca jab, her family reveal

Langley-area man loses 2 metres of intestine after a blood clot following his AstraZeneca jab

Teen Hospitalized With Blood Clots in Brain After First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine

Oregon Senator's Wife and 19-Year-Old College Student Among Latest Victims DEAD Following Bioweapon COVID-19 Shots


VAERS COVID Vaccine Data

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