Examples of How to Write Liability Notices & Agreements for Yourself

This page gives examples of how to write notices of liability and estoppels to politicians, doctors and anyone else inflicting harm or coercing you to inflict harm on yourself or another.

An estoppel is a bar or impediment preventing a party from asserting a fact or a claim inconsistent with a position that party previously took and usually contains a list os conditions that must be met before an agreement can be made.

A liability notice is a contract in which the signer of it promises to take responsibility for any harm caused to you by your compliance to them.



Estoppels and Contracts of Liability to avoid Vaccines


Here is an example of an estoppel with a long list of conditions that must be met before a vaccine is accepted. The list of conditions includes proof of claims made by the politicians and was sent to them.


Drawing up a legal contract with our doctor stating he/she will be liable for any vaccine damage or illness caused by him injecting you and making him sign it. This often intimidates them from trying to force you to get one.


So how do you score on the social score... and lots more to go over - at about the 9 minute, 36 second mark, Claudia of Cabin Talk gives a great idea similar to the one above for avoiding mandatory vaccinations.

More confirmation that the jab is a trial which means an experiment (which goes against the Nuremberg Code)


Below video starts with Claire Edwards and Steven Whybrow delivering a letter of liability to the Austrian president for his crimes against humanity regarding the covid scam. Then they share it with us.


Press Conference in Linz, Austria with Steven Whybrow and Claire Edwards,
after presenting the President of Austria with the Notice Of Liability in Vienna, the capitol of Austria.

1) Notice Of Liability to Austrian President, Alexander van der Bellen:

2) Declaration To Take The Planet Back:

3) The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020:



The Doctors for Covid Ethics has served the members of the European Parliament with Notices of Liability advising them that they may be held personally liable for harm and death caused by implementation of a Digital Green Certificate (Vaccine Passport), to be voted upon in the European Parliament on April 28, 2021. (from Members of European Parliament Served with Notices of Liability for COVID-19)


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