Dying Trees

By all appearances, plant life is purposely being slowly killed by way of blocking the sun, depriving them of water or flooding them through weather control, and by way of carbon sequestratiion. By killing all plant life, all life on earth dies.


I ask on the home page when you last took a good look at the sky and the substances in it. Now, I ask when did you last take a close look at the trees--their bark, branches and leaves?

After 30+ years of aerosol spraying, the results are finally showing up on the ground. Trees, bugs, birds and animals have been dying in record numbers. The air and the rain has been toxic for all living things, including the plant life.

Aside from the creating of droughts and floods, the aerosols have been blocking the sun. By doing so, photosynthesis has been inhibited and it is during the photosynthesis process that plants intake carbon dioxide and make oxygen. Therefore, lessening sun for plants to photosynthesize, also lessens the amount of co2 removal from the atmosphere and lessens the amount of oxygen created for us. So, to block the sun to stop global warming supposedly caused by too much co2, really impedes plants from absorbing co2.

The lack of sun due to aerosols blocking it, also causes dampness-loving molds to flourish. Of course, blocking of the sun is not the only attack on plant life. Metal particulates are strangling the roots of plants and toxins sprayed in the air and into rain clouds is landing on the plants and getting into their root systems.

We also have more holes in the ozone layer caused by HAARP ionizing the upper atmosphere. The HAARP and microwaves work in conjunction with the chemtrails. Electro MAGNETIC frequencies work best with metals to enhance and carry their signals.

The picture above is of the apple tree in our back yard. Both apple trees look like this. It is always after a couple of days of rain that they worsen and the leaves look as if they've been burnt. We get an increased number of tanker jets and they fly lower than usual every time we have rainclouds. It is obvious they are spraying into those clouds (passenger jets do not go out of their way to fly into clouds). The stuff then comes down with the rain and the trees drink it up. Whether this chemical burn look comes from the tree drinking the rain or from the rain falling onto the leaves, I cannot say.

The apple trees are not the only trees with this chemical burn look. You can see some more pictures showing this phenomenon by opening any of the links on the side bar under "Photos". This picture was taken in August 2015. Bugs, diseases and molds take hold of the trees only AFTER the trees have already been weakened.


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Chemtrails-the dying of the trees-Allan Buckman Pt.2

Alan Buckman, was a biologist with the department of fish and game for 38 years.

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