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The Truth About Wars & the Military


Cannon Fodder mentioned at UNCED meeting

This is a screen capture of a-little-over-1 minute-long clip which is an excerpt from "George Hunt - UNCED Earth Summit 1992 AGENDA 21 Pt.1-6"

In this video, David Lang (in a United Nations Earth Development meeting refers to men as cannon fodder who unfortunately populate the world. .
To hear him with your own ears, click the picture above to open video.


David Lang (in clip above) was not the only elitist who referred to men as cannon fodder as can be seen from the following quote:

"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy". .- Henry Kissinger (member of the CFR Board of Directors from 1977 to 1981) - (Notice he said "to be used" and not "are used" as if just making an observation)


This is for those who are contemplating joining the military and still think its purpose is to defend. With all the talk of glory and heroism in old war movies and in join-the-army and other military ads; the reality of soldiers committing mass murder and destruction of towns and cities seems to be totally overlooked and rarely mentioned, if at all. If you replace the words "defend and defensive" with the words "offend and offensive", you'll be much closer to the truth of what war and the military is about.

I think most intellectually know the act of war is the act of invading other countries and killing civilians which includes women, babies and children (and animals), but most don't seem to fully realize that doing so is mass murder. Just as war crimes are not fully realized as being real crimes (only because they happened during wartime). Imagine the crimes of someone like Jeff Dahmer being called a war crime, would that make HIS crimes any less punishable? We should strip the word "war" from the phrase "war crimes".

Not only are military personnel used as pawns in foreign policy, but are often used as guinea pigs for the testing of biological agents, the effects of radiation and other warfare weapons (examples). Furthermore, foreign policy is usually thought up by think tanks such as the CFR who is working toward creating a new world order. Other reasons for wars is to conquer another land, steal its resources, stimulate the economy, or for depopulation, but never yet, to my knowledge, has a war (not to be confused with battles) been for the purpose of protecting ones own country or even another country. How is killing civilians in another country helping that country? Preposterous! If there is a leader or policy makers that are threatening one's country, why not send a bunch of swat-like teams to go after the threat instead of thousands of young men to bomb towns and cities? Who ever kills the most people and destroys the most structures wins?

It's hard to see the above picture clearly, but if you look closely, those are dead bodies in the street of people who did not pose a threat to their attackers or their attackers' country. There was absolutely nothing defensive about this, but offensive. This was likely a result of military men reacting to propaganda that was fed to them and orders from their leaders. Things have not changed since then. This picture is from: Bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, and Other Cities 28 Mar 1942 - 3 Apr 1945 . Anyone get it yet? I mean those of you who still believe the mainstream media and are influenced by the romanticism in old war movies. Cities which are full of people and their pets get bombed. How does that help to defend your country?

After returning home, survivors who have been traumatized, usually find no heroes' welcome and little to no help from their government. And to add even more insult to injury (physical, mental and/or emotional), veterans become referred to as "potential terrorists" by their government as can be seen in this paper by Homeland Security: I hope that comparing what the military and mainstream media show with reality will help to open your eyes.



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In the video below, U.S. General Wesley Clark tells how he was told of plans to attack 7 countries (even before it happened).

The Plan -- according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.)



A Few Examples of False Flags that Were Used to Start Wars



The propaganda given to justify the already pre-planned attacks on other countries is usually that it is to "spread democracy". The picture below shows what that really means...


Spreading Democracy with bombs

...and the news and movies, schools and military glorify the men who do their dirty work under the guise of saving people in another country or protecting their own country. If the government wanted their own country protected, they would have the military guarding the borders from invaders instead of going abroad. Now, the media has led people to believe that wanting your borders protected is "racism".

Glorifying Soldiers



List of Wars

Number of reported deaths from wars

53 Admitted False Flag Attacks

[We need to] fight and win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars. … While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein (from the US Project for the New American Century) .





Soldier Photographed Before, During, And After War




MARK PASSIO - Order Followers




After looking through the history of wars, it became increasingly obvious to me that the perceived threat (government or group) is rarely ever attacked, but it is the infrastructure of countries and its people that are murdered (let's call it what it really is). War movies usually make it appear as if soldiers from both sides are facing each other on opposite sides of a field ("battlefield") like football players shooting at each other or laying in trenches shooting at the enemy (another human who was also propagandized by his/her government and media). The reality is towns and cities are invaded and its citizens intimidated and/or murdered by soldiers walking through their towns with guns or driving army tanks making their towns look and feel like a war zone.

The majority of wars have been based on false flags and false narratives. Though the military teaches discipline and that has been seen as a plus to many, it has been used to create unthinking, unquestioning and unconscious order followers. There is NO glory, bravery or honor in that. It would be, in my opinion, more honorable and brave to have the discipline to do what is morally right, regardless of its consequences to you.

What is war really for? It's for helping the rich get richer, to stimulate the economy, for stealing resources from other countries and for depopulation. The best that comes from a war (though not worth all the death and destruction) is a stimulated economy, but protection of one's own country is never the goal or the result. Again, replace the words "defense" and "defensive" with "offense" and "offensive" to get closer to the truth of what the military and wars are really about.


Note: I originally intended to find and share pictures of dead bodies and destroyed cities to compare with what is shown in movies, but it turns out that both are hard to find on Google images, and there is also the threat of copyright infringement. I'm sharing this only to point out that it appears as if the reality of war (other than a couple of old tiny black and white photos with bad resolution) has been stripped from the internet, if it was ever on the internet in the first place.


Much love



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