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Sites that sell posters, tee-shirts, help promote chemtrail awareness:

I am Aware

Truth Shirts

More Truth Shirts

Chemtrail Clothing

Chemtrail Tee-Shirts

Dark Truth Apparel




Visit for chemtrail mousepads, cups, magnets, and more.


Chemtrail Ban Geo-Engineering Jersey

Chemtrail Awareness Stickers (This is a Facebook link)

Links to more flyers:

Toxic Skies.doc

Chemtrail Flyer in German

German Chemtrail Website

Chemtrail flyer in French

Spanish Flyer 1

Spanish Flyer 2


Excellent flyer from

A Must-See two-paged Flyer packed with information about chemtrails


For downloadable Brochure (PDF format) on Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, and Constitution-Free Zones: Click here


Informatioal packet on Geoengineering



Ever Look up?




Click on thumbnails below to open full-sized flyer.

Hands off Mother earth

Flyer 30












Chemtrailplanet flyer

Chemtrailplanet flyer



Immune System Suppresant - Chemtrails

Nanotechnology effects on the body flyer    

Look Up in the Sky


German Flyer






Aerotoxic Syndrom flyer                                                            Geoengineering Awareness flyer

                                                           Feeling Unwell?




Webpage Banners - An excellent idea for spreading the word about chemtrails:
You can also find some for globalskywatch here:

Bumber stickers
are available for sale at:

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