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Dave VonKleist Does a Song
About Chemtrails

Skull Cry Die - Chemtrail Song

Chemtrails song by Gianluca Zanna

Chemtrails - A Song by Beck

Chemtrails over Springfield. Song by Stella Blue

Free Chemtrail Protest Song:
Toxic White Lines, by IzzySmart

Ignorance is Bliss

Chemtrail Song - From
Their Point of View

Under a poison sky,
by Bryan Eddy

Spektro's - Chemtrails (Spanish)

Chemtrails Rap Song - Daniel Brown

Chemtrail Bo Kaan Music Clip

Humanity is Rising, by
Josh Owens

Plane Trail of Deadly Deception, by Trillion Feat

Strange Skies Wiltshire

Frankie G. - Chemtrails

365 Days of Chemtrails

Chemtrails - The Song,
by Ray Benich

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

Retrospek - Chem Trails

White Lines in the Sky, by The Reverend Wahwah

The ORB - "Little fluffy clouds"

Chemtrails They Live, We Sleep

USA-France Chemtrails... The Sky is Falling

Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Save The Population-Chemtrail Crossing

The Chemtrail Blues #2

Chem-Trail Song

Chemtrail song/Freemom March

What the Hell Are They Spraying?

Chemtrails Lied (Song German)

Skylines Fall, by Screamdance

Jester-G - Chemtrail Rap

The Chemtrail Blues

The WaySeer Manifesto

The Chemtrail Jam for the Sheeple of America

My Chemtrail Skies

Murdering Us From The Sky

Destroy all the Chemtrails

TARG3T - Chemtrails

Chemtrails, chemtrails Mothef**kers - Explicit lyrics

What are chemtrails? Explicit song lyrics

Who Will Stop the Chemtrail Spraying?
Illuminati Rock
Illuminati Rock

Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse!

Old Man Santo had a farm

Blowback or Bloody Treason

Chemtrail song (2015) - WALLY DAE

Geo-engineering London 


An ordinary sunrise? Or rather geoengineering?  

Stimulus, the Debtors Lament by Flowhite


The Reptilian Brain´┐Ż- Song by flowhite

Chemtrails, just act like you don't see them, right there
in the air..! Weep for your children


Chemtrails Expose 2010 VID+SONG

Who in the World is Spraying Chem. Trails. 2014 (Unofficial Song) 


Death from Above-Smashing Pumpkins featuring Chemtrails

Moonswift - Chem Trail Skies


Vinnie Paz - End of Days (feat. Block McCloud) [Official Music Video]  

Chemtrail Plane A Comin Blues by ChemtrailCoalition


No Blue Sky (Chemtrails) Freedom Cry

Save the UKColumn

Chemtrail Cowboy


Kevin Koontz - Real Rain music video


Flo Whites "Money Bomb"

Destroy all the Chemtrails

KERU - Line After Line (anti-CHEMTRAILS song)

Legalize Murder -Chemtrails- (new song 2014)

Chris Geo - Global Resistance (Video)

Alais Clay - Deadly Rain

Psycho Realm - Lyrics

Puppets on a String - NEW RAP SONG HIP-HOP 2014

One hand in my pocket the other pointing at a Chemtrail -
Song by Terry Lawton

Sun House - 'Face Of Truth'

Chemtrails Song exposing what Geo-Engineering, Cloud Seeding & Smart dust really is


Up Up in the Sky by Kate Magdalena Willens

Bluer Than Blue (about Chemtrails), by Kate Willens

Blue Sky

NWO BLUES - Deek Jackson

The Adjustors : Chemtrail Bong Hits

Chemtrail Ghostriders
Truth Rap
Truth Rap 1 - Click above image to open

K koke - KokeSpiracy Theory

Some More Songs

"What I Hate - Merle Haggard"

Chemtrail song poem

ChemTrail Song (Audio Only)

Chemical Skies ~ Violet Sky

Look Up!

Thomas & Moon - Poison In Our Skies

"SILVER HAZE" by Patrick Tovatt

Boil the Frog (The Chemtrail Opera)

Where Have All the Chemtrails Gone? By Kathy Ann Ornstein

Dumbing down

Conspiracy Theory Rock

Conspiracy Rock

America Once the Beautiful


Steve Grant - Silence of the Good People

ChemTrails Music Video

Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons Sings Chemtrails

Skytrails Linger, Patrick Lynch Original Song

Prince - Dreamer (Chemtrail song)

Strange Clouds Ursula Burns

Chemtrail Days

Chemtrails Over Me

I Told You So - New Single


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