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Operation Earnest Voice (Pro-Government Propaganda)


The Shills are Alive



Yes, There Is a Government Troll Training Program



    Most often a troll is also a paid shill - the two are usually interchangeable and have common behaviors. There are usually telltale signs that indicate that someone is a shill. Such a person would display TWO OR MORE of the behaviors from the list below. See if you can recognize any of them.

    • Spend nearly every day commenting under the same chemtrail vids to the point of taking over the comment section and to the point of seeming to LIVE under that video.
    • Their recent activities on their Youtube channel shows they have been making debunking comments on many chemtrail vids OR
    • their channel would say there has been no recent activity despite the number of comments you see from them under a vid.
    • They tell you they are a pilot, scientist or a professor.
    • They have no vids viewed or favored showing on their own channel OR
    • if they do, they are usually only videos of jets or music videos
    • Tend to belittle and insult
    • Use the same script as each other with very little variation of wording or word order.
    • Have no uploads of their own on their channel
    • Tend to use words such as "delusional" or "chemtard".
    • Try to make an expert on the subject of chemtrails sound like a cult leader and anyone else who knows of them sound like a blind follower to that cult leader.
    • Try to create an association between believing in chemtrails and believing in big foot, or something of the like.
    • Try to direct you to government propaganda sites.
    • Spending so much time and effort trying to make people think chemtrails don't exist while at the same time making it obvious they don't care about feelings by how they leave insulting comments and replies. This makes it clear that their intent is not to comfort people or to help them to not live in fear as their insults show they don't care about feelings.



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How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive and Destroy Reputations


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A perfect example of a shill is Hama Neggs in the comment section of the video entitled, "USAF Environmental Specialist Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrail Chemicals".  I wanted to make a screen capture of his/her comments, but there are too many to fit onto one page. I've embedded this vid into the home page of this site and have checked the vid intermittently. Every time I have, Hama Neggs comments dominated the comments section. This person has been under this vid many times a day, almost every day since the time the vid came out a few months ago and he/she responds to people who are not even replying to him. He/she receives notification of any activity under that video or he has the page opened on one of a few computer monitors each day. Of course his getting notification or having a few computers is only speculation, but his persistently responding quickly to my own comments when not addressing him (which he would not get in his inbox); indicates the above.

Note: I have since replaced on my home page the embedded vid that is linked above with another of the same, but from a different Youtube channel. This link still works here, just no longer embedded on the home page. It's been 6 months since the vid was originally uploaded and still Hama Neggs is dominating the comments and I am thinking he/she will never leave that page. Now, this is what I would call a full-time job.

Note: The above was written about two years ago. Hama Neggs might have since been replaced by someone else, especially since I called him/her out. I know this page was shown to Mick West, the owner of two debunking sites. I know this because I once saw that a commentor shared this page in a comment under one of his posts.


Ex-CBS Reporter: DC Co-Opting Social Media with
Fake Accounts to Sway Public Opinion




"You're not an atmospheric scientist".

I do not have to be an atmospheric scientist to know when a cloud is fake anymore than I have to be a horticulturist to know when a plant is fake. Nor do I have to be a graduate of husbandry to know when an animal is a result of cross breeding.

One does not have to be a graduate of a university to have eyes and common sense. These debunkers try to lay the standard of what is considered “legitimate” observation and by doing so, try to lead others toward a standard by which to judge. I don't need them to give me THEIR standards to be able to tell the difference between natural and unnatural. Nor, do I have need to have degrees to be able to see and use common sense.


"There are more lines in the sky because there are more jets"

One of the "debunking lines" so called debunkers like to use to convince others that chemtrails are contrails is "there are more lines because there are more planes". More planes than when?!! The 1980's when we still had blue sky and the economy was better? or are they comparing with the 18 or 1900's? and why were there not some lines, but fewer before the 1990's? We have more unemployment, homelessness and a few airlines went out of business since the 1980's when the skies were still blue. So, how could there possibly be more passenger jets in the sky now than before? The answer is that they are not passenger jets we are seeing flying low enough to be audible inside our house. The increase in air traffic is due to military tanker jets spraying aerosols of different mixtures. Get it yet? With higher unemployment rates, higher costs of flying, airlines out of business and more homelessness; we don't have more passenger planes now than we had before, but less. Those who call themselves "debunkers" do not deserve that title as one has to actually debunk successfully to be able to take claim to being a debunker.



Governments Hire Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion

How the Government Manipulates Your
Thoughts Online Big Brother Watch