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The Real & Hidden Meanings of Words

Words are more than sounds and dictionary meanings (def-phonecians). Many have hidden meanings whether they're through the symbols (letters) that create them, how they sound, words hidden within words or their original meanings. Though our conscious minds don't usually catch the hidden meanings or know the origins of words, our subconscious minds usually do. This is important to know because the controllers are purportedly aware of this and purposely target our subconscious. Hollywood, which is named after the type of wood used to make magic wands, is a vehicle (with a cast of characters/symbols) used to broadly cast (broadcast) spells and programming that target our subconscious.

Why is putting letters together to create a word (or a sound) called spelling? Because when we put letters (symbols) together, we are casting spells and with cursive writing (curse rite(ing), we are creating a curse. When you string many words together you are creating a sentence (life sentence) to which you are committed (as after spoken, it cannot be taken back, your committed to it). Many sentences gives you a para (alongside) graph and an accumulation of graphs gives you a book which is something police do after they arrest someone -- they book them. You can also have the book thrown at you.


Some Examples:

Awake is a wake

Morning = mourning

Currency (money) equals current, energy

Avoid = a void

Understand = stand under

Smart = sharp, local, and usually superficial pain, as a wound (not only in the past, but is still defined as such in the dictionary today).

Hertz = Hurt. The higher the number of hertz your smart device has, the more it hertz you.

We use our real eyes (not our physical ones) to real - ize
something or see with our real I

Disease = Dis ease, to feel uneasy

Alien = A lien or a lying

Belittle = be little as it takes a small person to belittle

Television = Tell lie vision (tell lies with vision/visuals)

World = Whirled as it spins around on an axis.

Debt = death (because you have no more currency --current/energy)



Hell - O!!! Deceptive Language and Hidden Meanings (Click image to open)

AplaneTruth covers a little of the Phoenician origins, hidden meanings and
the influence of maritime law in the meanings of words in the video below.
Jordan Maxwell - Maritime Admiralty Law

Why are we almost always in a ship? We have friendship, partnership, internship, dictatorship, apprenticeship, mastership, and are birthed through a canal and so on. Because our system is based on the law of the sea, maritime admiralty law. This is only one of many types of influences of hidden (or forgotten) meanings of words we use today as Jordan Maxwell explains so well in this video.


The hidden spells in English words

Juan Linnon shows how English words are "traps and spells" considering
the symbols (letters) used to make the words. He shows the meaning of
the symbols separately.

English Vocabulary - Hidden Meanings - Part 1

Deep English (Youtube name) gives the real meaning of
5 commonly used words by looking at their origins.



The Golden Web Part 1

In this one, the meanings of words are found by splitting them, how they sound
and by looking into the Phoenician etymology and admiralty law..



Are spells necessarily malevolent?, or are there positive spells (blessings) and negative ones (curses)? Consider Masaru Emoto's rice experiment in which 3 jars are filled with rice and water. One jar has loving words or thoughts directed toward it (blessings), one hateful words (curses) and one is ignored. The rice with the hateful words went bad more quickly than the rice that had loving words and the one that was ignored grew the most mold on it. Aside from showing the power of words and thoughts, it also showed how that giving something NO ENERGY caused more and quicker decomposition. Which brings to mind the expression, "if you ignore it, it will go away". Being that all the jars are next to each other in this experiment, the rice in all the jars are surrounded by the vibrations of the same words, so, therefore, this experiment shows that it is the energy that comes from our gaze toward which jar our words are directed toward rather than just the vibration or meaning of the words..



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