Keeping David Dees and his Work Alive


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In Honor of David Dees - Keeping him and his Work Alive


David Dees on Guitar
Though I didn't know David personally, I almost feel as if I did from watching him in a few interviews, including one that was a little over 3-hours long. I found him to be very friendly, humble and caring. I was very sad to hear of David's death on May 31st 2020 and would have been as sad to see his work go down the memory hole along with him. Therefore, I accumlated and saved all his works and intended to share them all here, until I learned that according to Jeff Rense, David gave all his art work to him.

David Dee's was a true truth warrior whose mission seemed to be waking up others. He showed this even more by covering the Covid scam and social distancing topics while in his last days of life. I'll put a tribute to him done by Jeff Rense, a personal friend to David, at the bottom of this page.

No one else, to my knowledge, has packed so much truth in an illustration as David has, and the purpose of my creating this page is to make sure his art doesn't disappear. Though Jeff is likely to keep the link to David Dee's site on his site, it is also likely to become buried over time since Jeff's site has a lot of new material added to it each day. David had asked Jeff Rense to keep his art safe and as such, Jeff, so I assume based on his saying that he removed the book sales from Dee's site, is now maintaining it and keeping it available. Here is the link to David Dee's website: The below images are just examples to give you a taste of what David's art was about.






Click pictures below for larger view

Vaccine Check Point Hypnotic Mainstream Media "Everyting is Okay" Agenda 21 Wildlands Project
NWO Wifi Magazine Social Distancing



How To Illustrate Conspiracy, Illuminated Illustrator David Dees on The Vinny Eastwood Show








Dess Slide show
Click above picture to open video slide show.
Music in video is from Dead Can Dance. First piece is called Wandering Saint. Second piece is Rainbow Voice.





Tribute to David Dees, by Jeff Rense, a personal friend

David's Obituary




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