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No one illustrates what elections really are and their purpose better than Larkin Rose in the two videos below this introduction.

If Presidents did represent us, we would be allowed a vote on policies and executive orders BEFORE they were signed. The only thing presidents pretend to represent us in - is with whatever they promised during their campaign and campaign promises are rarely ever followed through with..

The whole election process is just a show to give an illusion of choice to quell the public, a distraction and a device for creating division.

Even all the chaos and confusion surrounding the 2020 election is a show and was apparently planned as can be seen in this article written in September 2020: Democrat - led 'Transition Integrity Project' Plan for Post-Election Chaos'.

No matter who wins, the United Nations will continue to push Agenda 21 around the world and the World Economic Forum will still push for the global "Great Reset"


The Jones Plantation
Election Day!

12-Year-Old Discovers All U.S. Presidents Are Direct Descendants of King John Of England

They're All Related




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