What I am about to say will probably be insulting to many, but it needs to be said. IT IS TIME TO GROW UP! Too many are as children, regardless of age. I know it's hard to be helped because we all grew up being taught to respect authority figures and heros (celebrities, sport heros, ect.) and to wait for a savior (hero programming) to save us. Learning to respect authority figures and heros almost to the point of worship has taught us to put the thoughts and words of another above our own. Hero/savior and respecting authority programs both have disempowered us to rely on someone else instead of on ourselves and thusly, the feeling of powerlessness (whether conscious or not) helped to put us into a childlike state of being.

Evidence of this childlike state of being can be seen often. It is seen when someone figuratively sticks their fingers in their ears and says "nah, nah, nah, I cannot hear you", comes back at you with "my mommy and daddy said..." (which is whatever the msm or an official figure told them), or you'll hear them call you names, usually the same names the propagandists taught them by example to call you. We've all been as children. It is time to be as adults and stop listening to our substitute parents. I'm not advocating violence, but am suggesting non-compliance--to stop giving our power away. I'm not suggesting anyone go out alone, but am hoping to inspire you to get as many people together as you can, and get those people to get people together.

Whether you're hoping for Q, Jesus, or positive aliens, the fact does not change that God (or the universe) only helps those who help themselves. Sitting at home waiting for a superhero archetype to save us or for an authority figure to give us permission to go outside, only gives the dark cabal more time and leeway to cement their already long long planned tyranny and Agenda 30 goals. Please everyone, grow up and stop waiting for someone else to save us. Act as adults instead of as children. Hope is a good thing, but not when it causes inaction and a programmed response to hero programming that we've had since we were toddlers watching cartoons. All of it is and has always been programming disguised as entertainment.

I know it is hard to believe that there could be a group of evil people with evil intent and it seems unfeasible that they can succeed. Well, look at the past holocausts, mass starvation, etc. What about then? Why didn't good entities intercept in the past? Are things different now?

Because the military is being organized and the 5G control grid is being set up; the window of opportunity to resist and to band together seems to be closing. . Again, God only helps those who help themselves and probably even more those who are willing to help others. It is time to band together to return things back to normal. We should all reopen our businesses and if the power company turns your power off, then everyone should surround and protest the power company. Government officials, in my opinion, who tell you to stay at home should be totally ignored. You are an adult now, and the government official is no longer your parent.

Here are some examples of people not complying: Berlin Germany people resist the Covid19 Tyranny,   MICHIGAN RESIDENTS TAKING A STAND , OPERATION LIBERTY MARCH,    Brasil broke the quarantine - Come People Liberty!   Four Michigan Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce Governor’s Totalitarian Orders. People are still walking around in the Netherlands and in Sweden. James Corbett gives more examples:  Are There Lockdown Protests? - Questions For Corbett,   Minnesota Governor Eases Lockdown Restrictions After Angry Outcry of Citizens

and more food for thought: "A LETTER TO THE FUTURE"


Here is an excerpt from a paper Dr. Fauci wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the Covid 9 "the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)" I suggest this paper get printed out in mass and handed to police, hung on poles, dropped on the ground within crowds so people pick one up and look at it; , and anywhere else you can think of. Here is the link to it: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2002387. The same can be done with the death rates of vaccines from the CDC's vaccine adverse effects page: VAERS.


Here are two flyers that can be printed and handed out:


Public notice

Click above image to open full size


Two more flyers: Covid-19 is a Lie

and Resources Document


It is Time to Take Action Now - here are a few Examples







There is also another page on this site that teaches some self-sufficiency skills. I hope you check it out: http://www.chemtrailplanet.com/Schools.html

If you know of food banks or any help available, please contact me at CP@chemtrailplanet.com and I'll make the announcement 


Below are two paragraphs from the Conclusion Section of the page "Protests Around the World" which includes a couple more action ideas.

Even though protesting governments (local or federal) to be let out of the house is akin to a child begging its parents to let it out of its room, there is little else left to do at this moment in time other than trying to awaken the enforcers of tyranny by reminding them of their oath to the Constitution and to the truth of the Covid which is their justification for the lockdowns. There is also the idea of having thousands of law suits against governors, mayors and whoever else caused you hardship, loss of income, your business, etc., but being that everything is closed now, non-compliance seems to be the only option and protesting is now a form of non-compliance and so is reopening your business.

Protesting is a better option than just sitting at home running out of food, living on hope while waiting for the new world order agenda 30 goals to cement themselves. It is great to see people getting together, more waking up and getting inspired and energized. Another idea is that protestors help business owners to reopen their businesses (a few businesses at a time) by surrounding the businesses as they are reopened, instead of just walking up and down the street carrying signs. The idea is to do this with a few businesses at a time.


(Sidenote: stores won't allow you to buy seeds. If you still have any produce left, save the seeds and here are examples of how to grow food from scraps). An action idea: Not only remember to save seeds from the food you eat, put share some with a friend or neighbor.



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