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Cashless Society

Creating a cashless society is a way of creating financial control. Creating financial control is one of the steps mentioned by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan in his recollection of a pediatric meeting held by Dr Richard Day March 20th 1968 on the steps planned to create a new world order The four recordings of Dr. Dunnegan's recollections can be found on the Social Engineering page of this site and the list of steps and how they were taken is on the Steps page.

I think most are aware that without cash, there can be no money made "under the table", your chip or card can be made invalid as soon as you hit a low social or credit score and every service and item you purchase can be tracked not only so that it is known what you bought, but also where you've been. This is total surveillance. The Covid scam, like the global warming hoax have both been used to lead us toward a global dictatorship.



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