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Food Shortage

Many of us are aware that a food shortage is purposely being created in various ways. One way is through weather control by way of creating droughts and floods to destroy crops and the constant spraying and blocking of the sun has been killing and sickening trees. Then there is also the mass slaughtering of poultry due to a claim of bird flu and also there have been massive fish die offs. Now, the Covid planned-demic is being used to justify destroying even more food sources. See a pattern here? How can you not? These are only a few of the ways a food shortage is being created. More examples are below.

Shutting Down Food Production - Click below image to open video
Shutting Down Food Production




Amazon Bans Int'l Seed Sales: Problem, Reaction, Famine: Technocrats Take Control of Seeds


Infectious And Fatal Bird Flu Outbreak In South Carolina - More Than 32,000 Turkeys Killed

Dumped milk, smashed eggs and plowed vegetables: Coronavirus pandemic leaves staggering amount of food waste

Food shortages now 'inevitable' due to labour crisis, industry warns

Top British barrister says eating meat could become illegal

UK meat industry cuts production as Brexit labour shortages bite

Hundreds of U.S. Meat Workers Have Now Tested Positive for Virus


'Our supply line is brittle': Thomas Massie warns US could be weeks away from food shortages

Farmers, Unemployment and Food Banks

Experts say it may be time for grocery stores to ban customers from coming inside because of Covid-19

Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us- A Global Food Crisis Looms.

For the unemployed, rising grocery prices stretch budgets even more - the number of unemployed is higher than ever due to governments' actions and they and the media continue to blame the economic collapse on a "pandemic" rather than on their own actions.

100,000 Pasta Boxes And Enough Peanut Butter To Make Nearly 3 Million Sandwiches - officials spending millions of dollars to stockpile giant mountains of food

Fire in United Kingdom on September 14 2020 - "Around 6,000 chickens have been killed in a fire that engulfed a farm building in Dungannon, Co Tyrone" "It comes after at least 2,000 pigs were killed in a fire on a farm in Co Down last week. " (I'm not putting this entry here to imply in was from a DEW, but thought it worth noting because our food supply is also being attacked --(

Wisconsin Food Bank Warns: "We're Not Going Back To Normal Anytime Soon"

Australia Runs Out of Rice as Police Invade Farmers Markets

Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide



Taiwan Shuts Down Farms to Build More iPhones - Destruction of Food Supply

Food insecurity in the United States




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