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Dancing Nurses and Empty Hospitals

While the professional propagandists were reporting hospitals being filled to capacity due to a pandemic; citizen journalists were going to hospitals to record and found that they were empty or nearly empty. And during all the media hype of overwhelmed "front-line heroes", they were uploading videos of themselves doing dance numbers. I personally believe that the medical staff were unwitting and unknowing participants being used to finish off the Covid ritual that was started in the 2012 British Olympics.

Why would so many hospitals waste so much valuable time having their staff taught and practice dance numbers? Who paid for it? Aside from the medical personnel apparently being unwitting participants in a satanic ritual, were they also used to create confusion in the public by showing a contradiction to what we were being told by the news? Showing evidence that contradicts what you're being told is a form of gaslighting and creates confusion and self-doubt which leads to a feeling of helplessness.

The Olympics, the dancing medical staff and empty hospitals are shown on this page. I wanted to show the empty hospitals and dancing nurses for a while now, but videos kept disappearing due to censorship. I know this is now kind of old news. You probably heard about this a while ago, but maybe you didn't see it for yourself because of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter removing such videos.

Hospital Insiders Reveal Soulless COVID Protocols

Health Care Workers Are Dancing on TikTok and Instagram

The lady asks good questions in the above video. I believe the answer as to why they were dancing is in the video below.



The Covid Ritual Performed at the 2012 British Olympics (click picture to open video)
Covid Ritual

Important to note is that the character with the vaccine needle looks like death or a demon.


People Dropping Like Flies from the Vax, Empty Hospitals and Tik Tok Nurses




More Overwhelmed Medical Staff Doing Dance Numbers

More Dancing Nurses and Doctors
More dancing nurses



But Wait! There's More (more dancing compilations)

Click below images to open videos.

Dancing Staff
Medical staff doing dance routine
Even More...
Fighting Covid Dance (without masks)
Fighting Covid dance without masks



Empty Hospitals


Empty Hospital in the Middle of What the News Called a Hot Spot for Covid in Country



Empty Hospital in Nottingham
Empty hospital in Nottingham during the supposed pandemic







Another empty hospital - guy goes inside and asks questions


Alberta Health Services data obtained by the Justice Centre show that hospital ICUs in 2020 were at their lowest level of usage since 2015


Another person showing empty parking lot at hospital


UK Woman Arrested For Filming Inside Empty Hospital




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