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Intent/Purpose of This Site

This site is intended for three things: 1). proving beyond a doubt to even the most skeptical that we are being sprayed for various reasons; 2). arming others with the information and materials needed to awaken others; and 3). to get enough people aware of the aerosol spraying, electronic mind control, propaganda, Agenda 21 and New World Order in hopes of deterring the furtherance of the above-mentioned.

There is so much on the topic of chemtrails, that prioritizing by importance is an impossibility so I am not, at this time, having new pages and archives. There will be dropdown menus on the top of the more heavily populated pages to make finding items a little less cumbersome as a few of these pages have over 100 items.

Note: The newest items are most often added to the bottom of the pages as it would be time consuming to move every item down one space to fit in the new stuff.

Propaganda Piece/Misdirection

Someone once sent a paper to me named "Scorched Earth" via my chemtrailplanet.com contact link trying to explain why trees in California are dying. He mentioned absolutely NOTHING about lab samples of soil, air, or rain water and absolutely no mention of lab samples from the trees themselves (leaves, roots, bark). Several other people did get lab tests of rain water and soil and these lab tests showed unnaturally high levels of barium and aluminum.

This same guy who mentioned nothing about lab samples came to a conclusion that the sickness of trees was due to being burnt by the sun and that chemtrails are to protect us from loss of vegetation that would otherwise all be scorched. How can he conclude what causes an illness without lab examples of the item itself or of that which is in its environment? He cannot. He also totally EXCLUDED (as what would be expected from a debunker) the fact that the chemtrails (in conjunction with HAARP) are causing droughts and roots of trees to be suffocated by buildup of barium and aluminum. However, as is customary with debunkers, he did mix in truth with lies and omissions. He created an excellent list of observations (that all of us who pay attention to our environment have ourselves noticed) that gives strong evidence that we are being sprayed. List is below:

  1. Wrong Cruising Altitude Commercial jet planes such as Boeing 747 and 767 cruise at 43,000 to 45,000ft altitude. AS-S planes spray at 25,000 to 35,000 feet.

  2. Hearing engines noise even with background noise This is another indication that these are not modern passenger jets flying at a normal cruising altitude.

  3. Too Many Planes in one Sky Sector That is not a coincidence especially since all these planes are spraying chemical plumes.

  4. Non-Symmetric "Contrails" Some planes emit three non-symmetric Chemtrails, the middle one is not in the center. A PhD in Engineering or Physics is not required to know that no true contrails behave that way. The nonsymmetry is used to mix two chemicals first, than the newly created compound reacts with the third plume to create the final chemical product. Other planes have 4 contrails, with 3 of the contrails quickly becoming one plume - this is a non-symmetric behavior and is also against Fluid Mechanics laws. Some planes spew out 2 plumes with one becoming wide and the other staying very thin. This is possible only if the chemical composition of the plumes is different. True contrails are made of the same chemicals, mostly water vapor, so they behave in exactly the same way because they are made of the same chemicals.

  5. No regular schedule AS-S planes have no published regular schedules. Commercial jets have schedules. If a plane flies over one spot at a given time on a Tuesday, it would have done so on the previous one and will do so on the next one.

  6. Flying Close to Each Other in 3-plane formation Real commercial jet Pilots are forbidden to do this. This technique is used to mix three chemicals one after the other. This approach is not used heavily anymore over populated region.

  7. New Mathematics: 2 + 2 = 3 Some AS-S planes have 4 engines (2 on each wings) and 3 non-symmetric "contrails" Planes with different "contrail" lengths Planes with different fake contrail lengths can be seen at the same time. If the sky conditions and exhaust fumes are similar, the lengths must be equal unless the "contrails" are made of different chemicals.

  8. Some planes have "contrails" others don't This happens when there is at least one commercial jet in the sky when AS-S planes are spraying or when one of the AS-S planes is not spraying.

  9. Making a big U-turn. Sometimes, AS-S planes fly in on direction, do a 180 degree U-turn and leave a circular Chemtrail trace.

  10. On and Off "Contrails" Black soot plumes (Pilot, follow that black line in the sky) NOAA propagandist liars, explain this one.