Steps for Creating a New World Order

The steps below were outlined by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan in his recollections of a pediatric meeting held by Dr Richard Day March 20th 1968. No note taking or tape recording was allowed. Most of the steps outlined have already taken place since 1968 and others are currently in process. How these steps have been taken, I explain below. Dr Dunegan's recordings are on the Social Engineering Page.

Breaking up the family - Start Women's Lib Movement to get the mother out of the home (not just for getting the other half of the population to pay tax); and ruining the economy so both parents have to work. This was also for lessening the parent's influence on their children and giving the state more influence over the children to decrease the likelihood of children learning morals.

Population Control- make abortions legal, make contraception easily available, family planning, making sex and contraception synonymous with each other, using vaccines and wifi to make people infertile, BPA lining in cans effecting early embryo development (study done on BPA), encouraging homosexuality and transgenderism:- Houston Public Library Allows Convicted Sex Offender Drag Queen To Read To Kids and Subliminal Messages in LOGOS: Annie Christ. Why is having drag queens becoming so widespread in the U.S.? Well, here is from where comes the funding of libraries in the United States according to Wikipedia - , the state and federal governments provide supplementary funding for public libraries through state aid programs

Permission to have babies and Euthanasia and the 'Demise Pill' - Scaring people into thinking the planet is in danger from too many people breathing out CO2 and using fuel and a shortage of resources is leading to acceptance of both of these. Also, getting older people to believe that they outlived their usefulness. One method for this was to make print smaller and more faint so that it is harder to read. Death Panel - Texas Advanced Directives Act. Abortion has been legalized and even pushed.

Contraception universally available to all - At one time, one had to ask for the contraception and it was an embarrassing for them to have to ask. Now, condoms are readily available and other forms of birth control is encouraged.

Tax funded abortion as population control - Started with the aborting of fetuses. The desensitization and mantra of "freedom of choice" (for the mother, not for the baby, of course) has led to the acceptance of infanticide. The women's lib movement has also contributed towards this. New bill in New York makes it legal to kill a baby AFTER it's born.

Limiting access to affordable medical planning - Making health care too expensive for the average person to afford so that they'll become dependent on health insurance from the government. Insurance companies don't have to pay as much as a patient would for the same medical bill. Obama's health insurance plan was an attempt toward this.

New difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases - Chemtrails and vaccines are most likely contributors to this, as well as bio lab diseases and mycoplasm. Only a couple of days ago someone sent me a patent for creating and growing mycoplam.

Suppressing Cancer cures as a means of population control- This shows there have already been cancer cures even as far back as the 1960's. FDA Wants to Turn CBD Oil Into a Drug that Will Cost $32,500 as They Ban all Other CBD Oils

Inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination - This can be done with electromagnetic frequency used as a directed energy weapon - heart attack guns.

Blending all religions, the old religions will have to go - This is a new world order plan. With it, they want a one world government and a one world currency.

Changing the Bible through revisions of key words, the churches will help us restructuring - This might explain what some have attributed to the Mandella Effect - lion being replaced by wolf.

Education as a tool of indoctrination - Don't think this one requires any explanation. Education only repeats the mainstream narrative. Here are two more recent examples: Did You See Evil Incarnate Feinstein Confronted By Common Core Children: "We Only Have 12 Years" and Adults Exploit Kids For 'Global Climate Strike' - Are You Angry The Lies Carry The Day? - It is too obvious that young children did not study and analyze "The Green New Deal" and organize a worldwide strike. It had to have been adults organizing this. So, whose money was paying for this this time? In this case, it is hard to trace who is funding this, but it is obvious that it is not organic. (We are supposed to believe the following is actually the thoughts of the children: Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike. Anyone who believes this is likely to believe other propaganda (lies) as well and so do the children who are indoctrinated in school to believe that global warming is real and a result of too much co2. The truth is that the earth's climate goes in cycles and there was a warmer period in the late 1800's as can be seen in this article: Forgotten history: 50C degrees everywhere, right across Australia in the 1800s. 50 degree Celsius = 122 degree Fahrenheit)

Books would just disappear from the libraries - I haven't been to any libraries so I cannot speak on this one, but we are seeing the equivalent of books being removed by seeing videos Youtube channels and webpages being removed. Dr. Dunnegan was speaking of this before we had the internet.

The encouragement of drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere - - CIA Drug smuggling and The CIA, Contras, Gangs, and Crack

The need for more jails, and using hospitals as jails - create more laws to make more activities illegal, encourage drug use (CIA bringing in drugs), desensitize and demoralize by creating an acceptance of the existence of violence via movies and music, make cost of living so high that one has to steal to survive.

No more security- have the public in fear of terrorism and violence (use of false flags), change road names, and other tactics.

Curtailment of American industrial pre-eminence - Moving industry to other countries under the guise of stopping pollution from factories. Cheap parts in American cars - so that Americans start buying imported cars (this was to lessen patriotism and to ruin the American economy)

Shifting populations and economies - Tearing the social roots - Manipulated mass immigration, using political correctness to squelch dissent against this.

Sex and violence inculcated through entertainment - Already accomplished and part of the demoralization and desensitization process.

Travel restrictions and implanted ID - In the works, propaganda and false terrorism used to justify this.

Food control - Food shortage being created with weather control (droughts during growing season, floods during harvesting season, lab created bird flu, cows dying in snow, Mad Cow Disease, massive die offs of sea life, making growing food instead of grass illegal, etc.). Dr. Dunegan mentioned the food control, Myron Fagan mentioned the control of weather to create drought during growing season and floods during harvest time. This has happened since after he reported on this.

Weather control - Already accomplished (see the Patent and Weaponized Weather pages of this site)

Know how people respond - making them do what you want- Surveys, polls, surveillance, Gogglebox (TV show of families watching TV) etc.

Falsified scientific research- We see this with the global warming scam. The global warming consensus was by a government panel of policy makers (the IPCC) -- not by actual scientists. UN IPCC Scientist Debunks UN IPCC Lies,    Maurice Strong and the Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science.  More overwhelming evidence of that here: GlobalwarmingScam.html

Terrorism - 911 was the beginning of the implementation of this plan - Smoking Gun Proof Illuminati Planned to Bring Down Our Culture - The first link is from the CIA library: HERE and the second link is a downloaded copy of it in case you don't want to go to the CIA site: HERE

Financial control - This is being worked on by pushing the chip and a cashless society. The chip can be turned off any time and no one can spend without having their chip or without having their purchases recorded.

Surveillance, implants and televisions that watch you - already happening. TV's that watch us was in George Orwell's novel, "1984". Here are a couple more current news items regarding televisions with cameras: Who’s watching whom? Camera-equipped TV can be hacked, says researcher, Do Smart TV's Have A Camera?, and LED street light & surveillance cameras. Hard to stomach how the news puts a positive spin on this.

Home ownership a thing of the past - This is currently being worked on with Agenda 30 megaregion and megacity plans.. Weaponized weather to get people off their land, moving jobs to cities, creating hard to meet zoning laws. Already because of property tax, no one really does own their home. Property tax started in 1916.

Over pay baseball players - The jingle for America used to be hotdogs, baseball and apple pie. To lead people toward losing patriotism, the powers that be wanted to get rid of baseball, So, they decided to pay baseball players such insanely high amounts in hopes of getting the public upset about the pay and thus lose interest in baseball.

Induce Loss of Sovereignty - Encouraging and causing mass immigration is part of this. So is overpaying baseball players and Curtailment of American industrial pre-eminence as listed above.

Create wars so that people would beg for peace (offered by the U.N.) - this one from the Myron C. Fagan recording, "The Illuminati & CFR- House of Rothschild's Tools To Achieve A "One World Government".

Divide and Conquer - Democrats against republicans, women versus men, blacks against whites, and so on. According to Fagan, Martin Luther King was put into place to help create chaos in the 60's. This might explain why we still have a Martin Luther Day - to keep alive racial division and white guilt.

If you don't believe there is a goal for a new world order (maybe you read the Wikipedia that calls it a conspiracy theory); here is a compliation of speeches made by different politicians and other people of power trying to sell it: New World Order Quote Compilation.

Globalist Henry Kissinger Outlines “New World Order”

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